Title Page

  • Facility Rounding

  • Remember to use AIDET! Please introduce yourself!

  • Unit - Location: i.e 3CS BMT, 11A Women's Services

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Check Scanners

  • Touch base with at least 1 Provider

  • Ensure Tracker boards (if any) are functional

  • Remember to use AIDET! Please introduce yourself!

  • Who did you round with?

  • Name of the Person you Rounded with

  • Are the WOW's / Admissions (FOS) carts working? If the answer is "NO" Ticket must exist

  • Ticket number

  • Issue 1:

  • Issue 2:

  • Issue 3:

  • Issue 4:

  • Issue 5:

  • Issue 6:

  • Issue 7:

  • Issue 8:

  • Issue 9:

  • Issue 10:

  • Were issues reported at previous rounding?

  • Were they corrected?

  • Status if not corrected

Corrective Actions

  • For BioMed: Call x6572
    For EVS: Email Joey Flores at Joey.Flores@HealthONEcares.com
    For Infection Prevention: Email Emma Waymire at Emma.Waymire@HealthONEcares.com
    For Safety Officer: Currently vacant. Email Vic Vigil at Victor.Vigil@HealthONEcares.com
    For Supply Chain: Email Hayden Byer @ hayden.byer@parallon.
    For Unit Manager: Ask unit manager their preference in communication
    For Work Orders: Go to P/SL intranet. Select Facility Work Order. Fill out form with the
    unit manager as the contact person.

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