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Fire Safety

  • Fire Extinguishers have current inspection tag and no more than 6 months since inspection?

  • Fire fighting equipment is free from blockages and are easy to access?

  • All exits are cleared and marked as an exit?

  • Evacuation plans are available and up to date?

  • Fire Drill was conducted within last 12 months?

  • Employees and wardens have received fire training as necessary within last 12 months?

First Aid/ AED's

  • First Aid Kits are visible and signed?

  • The basic supplies is stocked and not expired?

  • AED is within expiry? (defibrillator pads have an expiry date)

  • Staff members trained and their identification is posted for employees ?

  • Emergency eyewash available?

Lunchroom Facilities

  • Hand washing availabe?

  • Amenities are clean?

  • Rubbish emptied and not over full?

  • Information provided is current, relevant and up to date?

  • Lockers properly utilised and adequate space is availabe?

General Factory Housekeeping

  • PPE signage clear and well posted?

  • Aisles clear of obstacles and debris?

  • Adequate lighting for working conditions?

  • Supplies readily available? (i.e. materials for safety & production)

  • Proper use Pallet Jacks and Fork Lifts?

  • Equipment properly stored in designated areas?

  • Floor surface in good repair with no trip hazards?

Electrical Safety

  • RCD's tested within last 12 months by qualified person?

  • Items have a current test & tag sticker?

  • Electrical items not in use are being stored correctly where there is no risk of damage?

Machines and Equipment

  • Safe work procedures are availabe?

  • Appropriate warning/safety signs posted near or at equipment?

  • Equipment has had a risk assessment completed?

  • Employees have been adequately trained for the equipment they are using?

Maintenance Area

  • Spill kits availabe?

  • Safety data sheets available?

  • Adequate safety information provided?

  • Cylinders stored correctly?


  • Prestart checks being completed?

  • Operators are licensed?

  • Seatbelts are being worn/enforced?

  • Soapy water available for gas changeover?

Facility Exterior

  • Entry ways cleared of rubbish and debris?

  • Doors close properly and are cleared of any blocking hazards?

  • Rubbish area clean without garbage on the ground around it?

  • Drains clear of rubbish/debris with grates in place?

  • Designated smoking area clean, with no butts on the ground?

  • Landscaping maintained?

  • Proper safety signage clear?

  • Fire hose clear from obstruction?

  • Gas cylinders stored and secured properly?


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