• Approval No.

  • Business Name

  • Business Address
  • Postal Address

  • Contact Name

  • Contact Number

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Email Address


  • Caretaker/Resident manager on site?

  • Guest Register maintained?<br>-Names and addresses<br>-an identifying number for accommodation or a site<br>-If Caravan - registration number of the caravan an if applicable the vehicle towing it<br>-Date when hiring of the accommodation or site begins and ends

  • Directions

  • Timeframe for Compliance

  • Total number of guests that can be accommodated at the park

  • Is it readily available for emergency services?

  • Copy of current site plan?

  • Are suitable pest control measures in place?

Caravan park information

  • Number is sites (total)

  • Number of caravan sites

  • Number of camping sites (tent sites only)

  • Number of sites with ensuites

  • Number of Cabins

  • Number of cabins with ensuites


  • Are the cabins onsite maintained in a clean and tidy condition?

  • Directions

  • Timeframe for Compliance

  • Maintenance issues?

  • Directions

  • Timeframes for Compliance

  • Pest control measures in place?

  • Directions

  • Timeframe for Compliance

  • Is the privacy assured? Is the premises secure?

  • Directions

  • Timeframe for Compliance

Land and site requirements

  • Adequate Lighting? (AS4282-1997) - Are the roads adequately lit between sunset and sunrise?

  • Directions

  • Timeframe for Compliance

  • Numbering of sites?

  • Directions

  • Timeframe for Compliance

  • Distance between sites?


  • Entry and Exit road

  • Road surface maintained?

  • Directions

  • Timeframe for Compliance

  • Speed Limit signs?

  • Directions

  • Timeframes for Compliance

  • Add media

Utility Services

  • Is the park connected to a town water

  • 1 water connection per dwelling 1per 4 camp sites

  • Caravan park must be connected to the mains sewer

  • Short term and camp site must have 1 sewer and 1 grey water dump point

  • All sites within the park must be adequately drained

  • Long term site must provided with electricity connected to its own circuit and meter

Shower and toilet facilities

  • Toilet shower and laundry amenities located within 100m of caravan, tent or cabin sites; and not closer than 6m to any caravan, tent or cabin site?

  • Toilet and shower block kept in a clean and healthy condition

  • Hot/cold water to every shower, bath and hand wash basin?

Male Toilets

  • Number of Male toilets

  • Length of the Urinals in meterage

  • Number of hand basins male

  • Soap and paper towel/air dryer provided?

  • Number of male showers

  • Privacy assured in both showers and toilets

Female Toilets

  • Number of female toilets

  • Number female basins

  • Soap and paper towel/air dryer provided?

  • Number of female showers

  • Privacy assured in both showers and toilets?

Unisex Toilets

  • Disable Facilities

  • Hand wash basin provided?

  • Soap and paper towel/air dryer provided?

  • Privacy assured?

Laundry facilities

  • Number of washing machines

  • Number of dryers

  • Meterage of clothes line OR number of clothes hoist provided?

  • Number of laundry tubs

  • Washing machines and laundry tubs are connected to hot and cold water

  • Number of irons

  • Number of ironing boards

  • Construction of the laundry buildings comply with the local government regulations

  • Laundry facilities maintained in a clean and healthy condition

General compliance with Local Government Regulations

  • Garbage is stored in sealed containers and disposed of weekly

  • Fire hydrants max distance of 90m form any part of the park

  • Fire reels are easily accessed

  • Car wash bay is provided


  • Signature of EHO

  • Signature of caravan park owner/ manager or person interviewed

  • Date

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