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  • Fermacell Site Report

  • Report number:

  • Customer Details

  • Site Visit Date

  • Site Visit Report by

  • Site Address and Location
  • Fermacell Personnel Present:

  • Customer Personnel Present:

Visual Inspection on Site

  • Visual Inspection of Site Installtion<br><br><br><br>

  • Fermacell Board Thickness's and Type on Site

  • Boards Stored correctly on site. Stored Flat, off the ground and protected from the weather where required.

  • Fermacell Board Types on Site by Edge Detail

  • Studs - Steel or Timber

  • Base and Head Track fixed at Maximum 600mm Centers? End wall Studs fixed back at Maximum 1000mm Centers?

  • Door Reinforcement to Fermacell Standard Details. Or Additional Reinforcement to Door Manufacturers details.

  • No screws into Head and Base track - for Steel Studs only.

  • Correct Accessories used? E.g. Fermacell Jointstik Fermacell filler Fermacell FST

  • Joints - Correct Jointstik (glue)' Jointfiller (5-7mm gap) or Tapered Edge Joint Gap

  • Joint Offset between Boards and Layer

  • Mirrored Joints on Steel Studs. Joints Staggered above doorways (not mirrored)

  • Boards off floor - minimum 5mm.

  • Standard Head Deflection - to maximum 10 mm. Or Deflection Head Detail - correct construction of Deflection Head details?

  • Movement Joints. Glued Joints - max distance between M'sJ = 10m. Filler Joints - max distance between MJ's= 8m.

  • Fermacell Screw Centres Correct? Correct Fermacell screws? Walls - 250mm max. Ceilings - 200mm max.

  • Staple Fixing Centres Correct? Walls - 200mm max. Ceilings - 150mm max.

  • Correct Fixing Sequence? Fixing into Open side of Steel Std First?

  • Fermacell to Fermacell Junctions correct? Internal and External Corners, angled Junctions.

  • Fermacell to Non-Fermacell Junctions Correct? 1. 3-5mm gap for acrylic mastic fill (to manufacturers guidelines) 2. Tape and Fill - Installer/Site responsibility. 3. Other method - details TBC

  • Acoustic Isolation Strip to Perimeter Head, Track and Studwork.

  • Fermacell FST applied correctly? Thickness - 0.5 to 1mm. FST must Not be applied to Powerpanel H2O boards.


  • Photographs of Areas Highlighted in this report.

  • Supporting Information for Photographs

  • Report received by:

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