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  • Site conducted

Customer Details

  • Store Name

  • Store Number

  • Store Telephone

  • Store Manager

  • Store Address

PM Details

  • PM Name

  • Telephone

  • Pre Start Conducted

Store Details

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Key Dates

  • Pre Start Meeting (Date and Time)

  • Main Installation (Date and Time)

Store Opening Times

  • Is opening / closing time the same for the whole week?

  • What is Opening / Closing Time for the whole week?

  • Monday Opening Time

  • Monday Closing Time

  • Tuesday Opening Time

  • Tuesday Closing Time

  • Wednesday Opening Time

  • Wednesday Closing Time

  • Thursday Opening Time

  • Thursday Closing Time

  • Friday Opening Time

  • Friday Closing Time

  • Saturday Opening Time

  • Saturday Closing Time

  • Sunday Opening Time

  • Sunday Closing Time

Pre-Start Meeting Attendance

  • Store Representative (Name): (Click "Add Representative")

  • Representative
  • Store Management Team (Title)

  • Representative Name

  • Contact Details

  • Click "+Add Representative" to add additional people

Pre-Start Meeting - Others in Attendance

  • Representative (Name): (Click "Add Other Representative")

  • Other Representative
  • Discipline

  • Company

  • Representative Name

  • Contact Details

  • Click "+Add Representative" to add additional people

Contractors Selected For Install

  • Contractors: (Click "Add Contractor")

  • Contractor
  • Discipline

  • Company

  • Contractor Name

  • Contact Details

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Version Control and Change Log

  • Version: (Click "Add Version")

  • Version
  • Brief Description of Changes

  • Date

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1.00 Site Survey Issues

1.01 Garden Centre Till Location

  • Description of Proposed Location of Garden Centre Till

  • Photo of Proposed Location of Garden Centre Till

  • Is power available at new till location? (Take Picture)

  • Is Data available at new till location? (Take Picture)

  • Port/Switch Details

  • Any other services issues

  • Any other till issues

  • Please proceed to the next section.

2.00 Delivery of Goods

2.01 Till Kit (XR8)

  • Agree Delivery Storage Location

  • Is a pump truck available for use

  • Advise delivery will be made 1-3 days prior to NCR installation

  • Any other delivery issues

2.02 PED (P2PE)

  • Name of store representative who will be the point of contact to ensure chain of custody process is followed

  • Agree delivery location for PED within store?

  • Advise PED delivery will be made 1 day prior to visit and that PED will need to be made available for attending engineer.

  • Name of store representative advised & signature

  • Please proceed to the next section.

3.00 Store information

3.01 Store Issues

  • Store to cash up as soon as store closes or at agreed install start time (Default: Store advised and agreed. Store to remove all cash and to leave cash drawer in location)

  • Allow contractors access to welfare facilities i.e. staff canteen and toilets. Meal/Snacks arrangements (Default: Store to ensure vending machine is well stocked up for install night)

  • Store to remove merchandise and POS from any modules or checkouts being resited (Default: Store advised and agreed)

  • Nominated store representative for communications during installation (Default: Duty Manager)

  • Nominated store representative (Default: Duty Manager)

  • Agree location for contractor signing in and out register (Default: Customer Service Desk)

3.02 CDM/Health & Safety Issues

  • Areas to be cordoned off from customers/staff (Default: All installation areas)

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4.00 Further Issues and Observations

4.00 Further Observations / Comments / Requirements etc

    Observations / Comments / Requirements
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