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  • Site conducted

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

Solar with Wind Turbine


  • Road/Roads leading up to the tower

  • Full site overview from the ground

  • All angles of the fence from the ground

  • Area around all the stay wires

  • Has the pole/meter box number being confirmed with the office

  • Other Images

  • Comments


  • Entire outside of the battery box, All angles are to be included

  • Entire inside of the battery box, All angles are to be included

  • All bosal leading to the tower. If the bosals are concreted, include imagery of it

  • All batteries. Indicate the 3 link system

  • Battery dates

  • Are the individual battery voltages the same?

  • Are the draws between the battery leads the same?

  • Is the voltage on the batteries the same as the App?

  • If No to above question, specify the difference

  • What is the draw to the equipment from the batteries

  • Image of the DB Box

  • Other Images

  • Comments


  • Charger type

  • Is the charger unit set corretly

  • Other Images

  • Comments


  • Exterior of box/boxes

  • Interior of the box/board. Ensure all equipment is visible

  • What is the average amp draw between the incoming power and the all the equipment? Specify highest

  • What is the average voltage loss between the incoming voltage and the power supplies? Specify highest

  • Is the output voltage on the camera power supplies set to between 27.5V and

  • Are the equipment serial numbers and/QR code numbers correct according to the site equipment sheet?

  • Are the relays working correctly

  • Has the VPU QR code been scanned correctly

  • Other Images

  • Comments


  • Is the serial number and QR code correct according to the site equipment list?

  • What is the camera draw?

  • Image of the camera camera

  • Image of the camera pedestal

  • Has the QR code been scanned

  • Other Images

  • Comments


  • All link rockets

  • All links secured tightly?

  • Are all links working and have good signal Other

  • Other Images

  • Comments


  • Image of the security camera

  • Is the security camera lens cleaned, positioned correctly and above 3m?

  • Other Images

  • Comments


  • Image of the weather station display screen, anemometer and station

  • Has the weather station been calibrated correctly? (Longitude, Latitude, Elevation, Time, Date, Board rate, Cup size, etc)

  • Has the station solar panel being cleaned

  • Is the Rain collector area clean and clear

  • Has the anemometer being serviced? (Cup and direction indicator removed, bearings cleaned and positioned back correctly)

  • Are the weather station unit and anemometer, just above the tree line and facing North?

  • Other Images

  • Comments


  • Are the nuts and bolts in good condition?

  • Random imagery of nuts of bolts on the tower, minimum 3 section

  • Are the stay wire points on the tower in good condition?

  • If No to above, please specify and attach images to other question below

  • Imagery of the base of the tower

  • Is there a fall arrest installed

  • Are the aircraft/navigation lights fitted and working?

  • Other Images

  • Comments


  • Are the nuts, bolts and ladders in good condition?

  • If No to above, please specify and attach imagery to other question below

  • Random imagery of nuts of bolts on the tower, minimum 3 section

  • Imagery of the tap doors, include the hinges and locking mechanism

  • Imagery of the Cabin area and Roof

  • Are the stay wire points on the tower in good condition?

  • If No above question, please specify and include imagery in other question below

  • Imagery to the base of the tower

  • Other Images

  • Comments


  • Are the anodes functioning correctly?

  • Images of all the anodes

  • Other Imaegs

  • Comments


  • Is there a suppressor for each equipment on the Tower? (Cameras, Links, etc.)

  • Are the suppressors, camera pedestal, link brackets and Tower equipment box earthed to a single point on the tower, which is at least 2m below the last link?

  • Is the Lighting/earth spike at least 3m above the top of the camera?

  • Is the equipment in the equipment box earthed to a single point in the box, which when has an external point that goes down to the same point (single point) as the other equipment? *

  • Has all earth cable connections point being cleaned, i.e. metal making contact to metal?

  • Has the lightning rod/spike tips, being cleaned to expose the metal better?

  • Also is it free of rust?

  • Does all tower bases have earth straps/cables going into the ground?

  • Are all stay wires earthed to the ground?

  • Are all battery boxes earthed to the ground with an earth rod?

  • Attach images for all above mentioned points (Suppressors, brackets, camera pedestal, equipment box, earth point on tower, tower base earthing, stay wire earthing and battery box earthing)

  • Other Images

  • Comments


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