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  • Our inspections are based on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles. Where pests are concerned we believe prevention is better than cure.
    IPM achieves best results when we are able to work in partnership with our clients in order to minimise conditions that are, or could be conducive to pest activity.
    Conditions observed during the inspection and consequent remedial actions needed are categorised as follows:
    • Environmental/habitat management externally to minimize potential pest harborage and/or any other attraction for pests (eg food source).
    • Proofing of buildings to reduce the risk of pest ingress
    • Stacking of stored items to minimize the potential for pest harborage and to allow access for inspection and cleaning
    • Housekeeping to minimize potential sources of food and harborage for pests.

    Recommendations are allocated Red – Yellow – Green status as follows:

    High priority is the urgency to implement recommendation given. Negligence of recommendation may contribute to pest outbreak or re-occurrence of pest infestation.

    Medium priority is the action to be considered. Conditions attractive to pests. The action required to be accomplished.

    Low priority is the preventive action to be taken. If neglected, conditions may become attractive to pests.

Inspection Findings and Recommendations

Inspection Findings and Recommendations

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  • Above are the recommendations provided to your site based on our inspection at the current moment. Please act on the recommendations for better control of pest activity in the premise. Together with our planned pest control programme we believe the level of pest infestation will be reduced further.

    Thank you for selecting Rentokil Initial as your Pest Control service provider.

    Do feel free to call us if need further clarification.

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