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  • The objective of this Check list is to ensure that our pest control service quality satisfies your needs in Order to create a long term working relationship in managing the pests issues by Preparing the Kitchen, Bar Counters, Restaurant, Stores by the client, Prior to the start up of scheduled Pest control activity.


Areas to be emptied (TICK if done)

  • a) Shelves

  • b) Cupboard

  • c) Trays

Areas to be Removed (TICK if done)

  • a) Food

  • b) Cutlery

  • c) Utensils

  • d) Clean Linen

Support required (TICK if done)

  • a) To switch off the Gas

  • b) To unplug the Electrical cables

  • c) To dispose of Garbage

  • d) Doors are kept Opened not Blocked

To be kept opened (TICK if done)

  • a) Grinder Machine

  • b) Coffee Machine

  • c) Other Machines (Pls. Specify)

2. F & B Counter

  • a) Ice box to move to front

  • b) Spillage of syrup to clean

  • c) Keep cutlery & Glass racks Open

  • d) Fridge moved front & De Plugged

  • e) Bain Marie – space behind is cleared

3. Dining

  • a) Chairs and tables to keep Upside down

  • b) Sofa cushion - removed

4. Dish Wash Area

  • a) Dish wash machine kept Opened + Unplugged

  • b) No materials stored under Sink+ Under wash tables

  • c) Tables are moved to front

5. Stores

  • a) Space provided for Insect Pest Trapping devices

  • b) space Provided surrounding racks

6. Office Areas

  • a) Bill machines are made available for treatment

  • b) Office table Drawers – Kept Opened

7. Others

  • a) Waste materials + Gunny bags removed

  • b) Old Cartons+ empty oil cans are cleared

  • c) Cartons + Tissue rolls+ Napkins stocks kept covered

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