Pest Infestation observed

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Specimen collected and identified as

1 . Key Characteristic features that helped in identification

2. Pest's sign of infestation noitced

3. Specific area where infestation noticed

4. Pests 'hot spots' and hide outs noticed

5. Type of pest related damages noticed

6. Prevailing hygiene & Sanitation conditions

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7. Do's and Don'ts suggested by Technician

8. Customer queries (if any)

9. Other observations, queries & Service USPs

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Details of Rodenticide / Traps used by Technicians

Total quantity of Bromodialone used (In gms.)

Bromodialone Cake used Per Rodent Station

Total no. of Glue traps used - Economy

Total no. of Glue traps used - Regular

List all other equipment / PPEs used during service

Name & Signature of Mentor
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