• Process:
    Identify the procedure to be observed
    * Identify and review procedure - select procedure based on risk profile and work being completed in your area
    * Prepare observation materials, highlighting key sections of the procedure to focus on
    * Inform personnel you will be conducting a PTO

    Observe the work practice
    * Ask person to explain tasks and risks
    * Check understanding of the procedure
    * Check work practices and behaviours against procedure
    Review observed practice against procedure
    * Identify gaps and opportunities

    Feedback and close out
    * Provide feedback and findings
    * Actions agreed and assigned

  • Outcome:
    * Validate compliance against a Standard Operating Procedure or Work Instruction
    * Gaps identified and SMART actions developed
    * Record field leadership data on this form
    * Raise actions in 1SAP if required

  • New Planned Task Observation
    Field Leadership Record

  • Date of PTO

  • Time of PTO

  • Site where observation took place

  • Area Visited

  • Site Specific Details

  • Prepare for the PTO

  • Identify the Procedure you will observe:

  • Identify the Procedure you will observe:

  • Does the Procedure align with a high risk activity?

  • Do you have any new or inexperienced team members?

  • Are there work instructions that are associated with incident trends or repeat incidents?

  • Review Procedure

  • Do you understand the task requirements?

  • Do you understand all the potential hazards?

  • Have suitable controls been identified?

  • Can the job be done safer or in a more productive way?

  • Prepare observation materials

  • Have you highlighted sections of the Procedure to focus on?

  • Have you made notes on the procedure?

  • Have you prepared a list of questions to check knowledge?

  • Have you added a check column against procedural steps?

  • Inform personnel to be observed. Who is to be observed (name, position, crew)?

  • Have you explained that you will be doing a PTO?

  • Have you explained why you are doing a PTO?

  • Have you described the process you will follow?

  • If possible, have you arranged a specific time to conduct the PTO?

  • Conduct PTO : Observe Work Practices

  • Check personnel's understanding of the Procedure (Enter comments)

  • Do they understand the Procedure for the task?

  • Do they understand the associated risks of the task?

  • Do they understand the controls associated with the task?

  • Check work practices and behaviours against the procedure (Enter comments)

  • Have you observed work practices against the procedure?

  • Have you reinforced positive behaviours?

  • Have you identified deviations from the procedure and provided coaching?

  • Review observed practice against Procedure

  • Identify gaps (Enter comments)

  • Have you identified any gaps between the procedure and the practice observed?

  • Identify opportunities (Enter comments)

  • Are there opportunities to improve the risk controls that are in place?

  • Are there opportunities to improve the procedure?

  • Action findings and provide feedback

  • Provide feedback * Thank personnel for their participation * Reinforce the positive aspects of the task

  • Action findings * Identify and explain aspects of the task they are not doing correctly and coach them in the correct way * Explain actions to participant and enter in SAP

  • Team members

  • Person being observed

  • Coach

  • Person being observed 1 up Manager

  • How long did the PTO take?

Sign off

  • Signature of person being observed (optional)

  • Signature of coach

  • Signature of person being observed 1 up manager

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