Ennesty Field Services Daily JSA

Project Information

  • Project Title

  • Date

  • Site Leader

  • Work to be done?

  • Work place

  • Voltage

  • Permits on Issue

Hazard Identification/Management

  • Confirm work crew is aware of nearest live apparatus.

  • Electrical Hazard/s?
    Consider potential for accidental electrical contact/energisation, flash over, back-feed, induction and second points of contact such as earthed objects.

  • Control measures in place

  • Other

  • Is a fall hazard present?

  • If working on a construction site, please ensure you are using the correct type of ladder as per site specific induction. e.g Platform ladder as apposed to a step ladder.

  • Admin/Other control measures used

  • Is traffic management required?

  • Type of Traffic Management?

  • Explain

  • Traffic Management Company Engaged

  • Other

  • Do employees have adequate PPE?

  • Ensure all employee's have adequate PPE for required tasks before commencing work.
    If in doubt contact you direct supervisor/manager.

  • Job responsibility's allocated to authorised/suitable persons?

  • Is plant/equipment serviceable and within test?
    i.e Log books complete, test tags in date (work crew to check)

  • Description of plant/equipment non-compliant.

  • Are there any site hazards?
    e.g. access, slips/trips/falls, weather, terrain, trenches, railways, explosives, temporary structure support, temperature extremes, demolition, drowning risk, enclosed worksite/confined space etc

  • Site Hazards

  • Are there any additional fire prevention measures required?
    e.g. Working near flammable substances, using gas torch, grinding etc

  • Fire control measures used.

  • Specific material handling hazards?

  • Control Measures

  • Other

  • Are hazadous material safety controls required?
    e.g. Sharps, TX oil, chemicals, fuel, asbestos, other

  • Hazardous material and control measure?

  • Are any environmental controls required?
    e.g. Oil Leak, sediment, solid waste, liquid waste, weeds, noise.

  • Environmental control measures in place.

  • Other?

Electrician/fitter/wireman Specific Hazard Management

  • Has the "Site Hazard Board" been reviwed?

  • Danger from charge CB springs/moving tap changer parts?

  • LV isolations completed on CB/TX works?

  • Is gas protection suppressed for TX work?

  • Is equipment and cabling clearly identified?

  • Is there danger with moving plant & equipment?

  • Yes

Other identified hazards

  • Hazard

  • Control Measures


  • Notes

  • Photos


  • If you are not satified with the safety control measures, do not proceed and contact you direct supervisor/manager.

  • Site leader - Type and sign

  • Type and sign

  • Type and sign
  • Type and sign

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