E1 Front entrance staff entrance

E2 Front entrance

E3 Front entrance automatic door

E4 Studio 1 corridor

E5 Studio 1

E6 Arena seated balcony stairwell

E7 Arena court 4

E8 Arena elephant doors

E9 Arena court 9

E10 Rear store/ garage roller shutter

E11 Arena balcony into bin compound stairwell

E12 Female dry change

E13 Male dry change

E14 Bin store corridor

E15 Bin compound store left

E16 Bin compound store middle

E17 Bin compound store right

E18 Bin compound store rear door

E19 Squash corridor to pitch exit

E20 Cellar

E21 Antics exit Left

E22 Antics exit right

E23 Café exit

E24 Pool balcony hot stairwell

E25 Leisure pool exit by bridge

E26 Competition pool exit to Lido

E27 Pitch switch room

E28 Competition pool exit by bus stop

E29 competition pool exit by plant room

E30 Pool balcony stairwell to carpark

E31 Pool plant room roller shutter

E32 Health change corridor exit

E33 HV transformer room right

E34 HV transformer room left

E35 Studio 2 exit

E36 Health suite exit single door

E37 Health suite exit double door

E38 Super studio exit

E39 Dry plant terrace single door

E40 dry plant room boiler room

E41 dry plant terrace double door

E42 double door from squash viewing

E43 double door from pool viewing

E44 wet plant terrace double doors

E45 wet plant terrace single door

E46 wet plant boiler room single door

E47 wet plant boiler room double door

E48 CHP room

E49 Basement door to lido

I1 Front entrance disabled door

I2 Front entrance doors

I3 coded door to control room and briefing room

I4 climbing wall service door

I5 control room door

I6 briefing room front door

I7 briefing room rear door

I8 electrical store crèche

I9 spin studio access door

I10 beauty room front left door

I11 beauty room dividing door

I12 beauty room front right door

I13 beauty room into hair salon

I14 arena entrance from crèche corridor

I15 crèche corridor cleaning store

I16 crèche corridor to arena store

I17 beauty room rear door to store

I18 double doors to studio 2

I19 spin studio side door

I20 studio 2 kitchen

I21 studio 2 to matt store

I22 studio 2 store

I23 crèche female toilet outer door

I24 crèche female toilet inner door

I25 crèche male toilet outer door

I26 crèche male toilet inner door

I27 crèche side entrance

I28 crèche room toilet

I29 crèche store

I30 crèche into sales office

I31 sales cupboard

I32 crèche main doors

I33 crèche corridor double doors to reception

I34 disabled reception toilet

I35 baby room

I36 arena court 4

I37 arena corridor front double doors

I38 arena store 1-6 left doors

I39 arena store 1-6 middle doors

I40 arena store 1-6 right doors

I41 arena mat store 1-6

I42 arena seating unit store

I43 arena mat store 7-12

I44 arena store 7-12 left doors

I45 arena store 7-12 right doors

I46 arena courts 7-12 to stairwell

I47 arena 7-12 children toy store left door

I48 arena 7-12 children toy store middle door

I49 arena 7-12 children toy store right door

I50 arena 7-12 to corridor

I51 arena 1-6 to corridor

I52 arena corridor rear double doors

I53 dry changing male toilet

I54 dry changing room male

I55 male dry change buffer 1

I56 male dry change buffer 2

I57 male dry change buffer 3

I58 dry changing female toiler

I59 dry changing room female

I60 female dry change buffer 1

I61 female dry change buffer 2

I62 female dry change buffer 3

I63 dry changing disabled toilet

I64 double doors to bin store corridor

I65 outdoor change 1

I66 outdoor change 1 right side

I67 outdoor change 1 toilet

I68 outdoor change 1 left side

I69 outdoor change 2

I70 outdoor change 2 right side

I71 outdoor change 2 toilet

I72 outdoor change 2 left side

I73 main cleaning store

I74 achieves room

I75 main cleaning store toilet

I76 main cleaning store

I77 ref changing showers

I78 ref changing toilet

I79 ref changing store

I80 double doors to staff only corridor pitch end

I81 cellar door

I82 electrical store staff only corridor

I83 double doors to staff only corridor costa end

I84 antics double door

I85 antics single door

I86 costa back of house side entrance

I87 costa back of house front entrance

I88 cash office

I89 electrical store costa/ reception

I90 auto door to beach area

I91 costa to hot staircase

I92 clip and climb stairwell

I93 studio 1 double door entrance

I94 exercise referral

I95 double doors to wet change

I96 double doors into office corridor from reception

I97 main office door right

I98 main office door left

I99 managers office

I100 female group wet change front door

I101 rear double doors to wet change

I102 double doors into health suite corridor

I103 staff room

I104 electrical cupboard staff room

I105 female health suite outer door to corridor

I106 female health suite inner door to corridor

I107 female health suite inner door to health suite

I108 female health suite outer door to health suite

I109 health suite store/ plant room

I110 male health suite outer door to health suite

I111 male health suite inner door to health suite

I112 male health suite inner door to corridor

I113 male health suite outer door to corridor

I114 female group wet change front door

I115 health suite disabled toilet

I116 physio treatment room

I117 physio treatment room physio waiting room

I118 physio waiting room

I119 studio 3

I120 studio 3 store

I121 double doors from health suite corridor to plant room

I122 electrical cupboard mains room

I123 plant room office

I124 plant room office to pool test room

I125 pool test room to pool plant room

I126 plant room workshop

I127 plant room toilet

I128 plant room rear store

I129 plant room to competition pool

I130 competition pool mat store

I131 competition pool to floor controls

I132 competition pool floor control room

I133 wet first aid room rear door

I134 wet first aid room front door

I135 wet change cleaning store

I136 wet change female toilet outer door

I137 wet change female toilet inner door

I138 wet change male toilet outer door

I139 wet change male toilet inner door

I140 wet change male group changing

I141 door under the flume tower

I142 wet change disabled toilet right

I143 wet change disabled toilet left

I144 rear store internal door

I145 double doors to reception stairwell

I146 double doors to gym corridor

I147 gym front entrance

I148 double swing doors to arena viewing lobby

I149 double doors to arena balcony

I150 Arena seated balcony stairwell

I151 double doors to arena non seated balcony

I152 squash viewing 1 + 2

I153 antics circulation double doors

I154 double doors to squash viewing 3 + 4

I155 Electrical cupboard- arena balcony/ UPS room

I156 doors to bin store stairwell

I157 gym corridor to pool viewing

I158 unisex toilet

I159 double doors to disabled toilet lobby

I160 disabled toilet first floor

I161 gym rear doors

I162 gym cupboard

I163 double swing doors from hot staircase

I164 electrical cupboard- pool balcony.

I165 competition pool balcony cupboard

I166 double doors to stairwell from comp pool viewing

I167 Basement door to spa plant

I168 pool circulation pumps to AHU plenum

I169 AHU plenum to spa plant

I170 dividing wall PVC door

I171 leisure and outdoor pool water meter lobby

I172 basement crawlspace

I173 outdoor rapids

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.