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  • Asset Number

  • Manufacturer

  • Size and Type

  • CHECK that the fire blanket is: a) conspicuous, b) in its assigned location, c) readily accessible, d) installed in accordance with AS2444

  • Comments

  • CHECK that the alocation sign is visible and correct.

  • Comments

  • CHECK that the fire blanket container: d) is securely and correctly support, e) is clean and free from damage, f) has clear and legible instructions thereon, g) has a service record tag/label attached

  • Comments

  • REMOVE the fire blanket from the container and check: (h) for any damage or contamination to the fire blanket (refer also Clause 1.2.4), (i) for unsecured or damaged hand-holding devices, (j) that the fire blanket is correctly folder. Where the fire blanket conforms to the above REPACK the blanket into the container as recommended by the manufacturer.

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  • NOTE: it is important that the fire blankets are always folded in the manner prescribed by the manufacturer in order that they can be removed from the container quickly (see AS/NZS3504)

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