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Means of Escape

  • Path of Egress.<br>Are all internal and external paths of emergency egress clear from obstruction ?

  • Fire Stairs / Fire Stairwells.<br>Are all Fire Stair / Fire Stair Wells clear and free of any obstructions or debris ?

  • Are all terminating exits clear of obstruction ?

Emergency Exit Doors / Fire doors.

  • Do all terminating exit doors have correct hardware ?

  • Are all Fire doors working correctly and free from any anomalies ?

Fire Safety Installations Fire Extinguishers

  • Are all Fire extinguishers maintained correctly?<br>(A/S 1851. 2012)

  • Are all Fire Extinguishers located and mounted correctly ?<br>(AS2444.)

  • Are all Fire Blankets (If applicable) maintained correctly ?<br>(AS1851 2012)

  • Are all Fire Blankets (if applicable) located and mounted correctly ?<br>(AS2444. 2001)

Fire Hose Reels

  • Are all Fire Hose Reels maintained correctly ?<br>(AS1851.2012)

  • Are all Fire Hose Reels free from any non-compliant anomalies ?

  • Anti-flow back devices.<br>(If applicable) Are all Anti-Flow back devices locked in the open position with 003 locking device ?

  • Are all Fire Hose Reel Cabinets / Cupboards free from debris, damage or obstruction ?

Fire Hydrants

  • Are all Fire Hydrants maintained correctly ?<br>(AS1851.2012)

  • Are all Hydrant Risers / Pedestals / Boosters / Cabinets, clear from obstruction or damage ?

Emergency Lighting / Exit Lighting / Signage.

  • Are all Emergency Lighting / Exit Lighting in an operable condition ?<br>(Illuminated Red LED indicator) AS2293-2005

  • Are all Emergency lights and Exit lights free of any anomalies ?

  • Are all Emergency Lights / Exit lights maintained correctly ?<br>(AS2293.2005)

Fixed / Mechanical / Passive Systems ( Alternate Solutions)

  • Are all applicable systems ( ? ) maintained correctly ?<br>(AS1851 2012)

Fire Detection and Alarm System

  • Is the Fire Detection and Alarm system maintained correctly ?<br>(AS1851 2012)

  • Is the Fire Detection and Alarm systems free from faults or isolations ?

  • Is all Fire Detection and Alarm systems hardware / Cabinets / Manual Call Points free from damage or non-compliant anomalies ?

Evacuation System.

  • Is the buildings Emergency Evacuation System in "Auto" and in an operable condition ?

  • Is the Evacuation System maintained correctly ?

  • Are all the hardware devices of the Evacuation System free from any anomalies ?<br>

Evacuation Plan / Evacuation Diagrams

  • Does the building / site have a current Emergency Procedures Manual in place ?

  • Is the Emergency Procedures Manual kept in the specified form ?<br>(AS3745. 2010)

  • Does the building / site have adequate evacuation diagrams displayed ?

  • Does the Evacuation Diagrams contain the required information ?<br>( AS3745 2010 & QBFSR2008 )

Fire & Evacuation Instruction.

  • Have all staff / occupants received Emergency Awareness training ? <br>(QBFR2008)

  • Does the building have in In place adequate Emergency Control personnel and have they received Emergency Control instruction ?<br>(QBFSR2008 & A/S3745.2010)

  • Has the building / site conducted practice evacuation on an annual basis ?<br>(QBFSR2008 )


  • Is the building / Site free of any excessive waist or cleanliness anomalies that may potentially lead to any combustion process risk ?

Record Keeping

  • Can current Prescribed Fire Safety Installation maintenance records be produced upon request?

  • Fire Extinguishers

  • Fire Hose Reels

  • Fire Detection & Alarm System

  • Evacuation System

  • Staff Training

  • Evacuation Practise

  • Emergency Lighting / Exit lighting

  • Fire / Smoke Doors

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