• Name of premises:

  • Address of premises:

  • Responsible person (e.g. employer) or person having control of the premises:

  • Person(s) consulted:

  • Name of reviewer:

  • Date of this fire risk assessment review:

  • Date of full fire risk assessment that is under review:

  • Date(s) of full fire risk assessment review(s):

  • Review number (e.g. 1 or 2):

  • Suggested date for next review:

  • Suggested date for next full fire risk assessment:

  • The original fire risk assessment should be reviewed again, or a full fire risk assessment undertaken, by a competent person by the date indicated above or at such earlier time as there is reason to suspect that it is no longer valid or if there has been a significant change in the matters to which it relates, or if a fire occurs.

  • The purpose of this report is to provide an assessment of the risk to life from fire in these premises and, where appropriate, to make recommendations to ensure compliance with fire safety legislation. The report does not address the risk to property or business continuity from fire.

General Information

Significant changes identified since the time of the previous fire risk assessment in respect:

  • 1.1 - The premises:

  • 1.2 - The occupancy (use of premises):

  • 1.3 - The occupants (including occupants especially at risk from fire):

  • 1.4 - Fire loss experience:

  • 1.5 - Application of fire safety legislation:

  • 1.6 - Other relevant information:

Fire Hazards and their Elimination or Control

Fire Hazards and their Elimination or Control

  • 2.1 - Significant changes in measures to prevent fire since the time of the fire risk assessment:

  • 3.1 - Are there adequate measures to prevent fire?

  • 3.2 - Hazards observed:

  • 4.1 - Are housekeeping and maintenance adequate?

  • 4.2 - Deficiencies observed:

  • Fire hazards and their Elimination and Control - Comments:

Fire Protection Measures

Fire protective measures

  • 5.1 - Significant changes in fire protection measures since the time of the fire risk assessment:

  • 6.1 - Are the means of escape from fire adequate?

  • 6.2 - Deficiencies observed:

  • 7.1 - Are compartmentation and linings satisfactory?

  • 7.2 - Deficiencies observed:

  • Based on a sample inspection of readily accessible areas.

  • 8.1 - Is there reasonable emergency escape lighting?

  • 8.2 - Deficiencies observed:

  • Based on visual inspection only.

  • 9.1 - Are there adequate fire safety signs and notices?

  • 9.2 - Deficiencies observed:

  • 10.1 - Are the means of giving warning of fire adequate?

  • 10.2 - Deficiencies observed:

  • Based on visual inspection only.

  • 11.1 - Is the provision of fire extinguishing appliances adequate?

  • 11.2 - Deficiencies observed:

  • 12.1 - Comments on other fixed fire protection systems:

  • Fire protection measures - Comments:

Management of Fire Safety

Management of Fire Safety

  • 13.1 - Significant changes in management of fire safety since the time of the fire risk assessment:

  • 14.1 - Are arrangements for management of fire safety adequate?

  • 14.2 - Deficiencies observed:

  • 15.1 - Are fire procedures adequate?

  • 15.2 - Deficiencies observed:

  • 16.1 - Are the arrangements for staff training and fire drills adequate?

  • 16.2 - Deficiencies observed:

  • 17.1 - Are the arrangements for testing and maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment adequate?

  • 17.2 - Deficiencies observed:

  • 18.1 - Are there adequate records of testing, maintenance, training and drills?

  • 18.2 - Deficiencies observed:

  • 19.1 - Are there satisfactory arrangements for the premises information box to be kept up to date?

  • 20.1 - Are there continuing arrangements for engagement with residents?

  • Management of Fire Safety - Comments:

Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment

  • On the basis of the criteria set out in the original fire risk assessment, it is considered that the current risk to life from fire at these premises is:

  • risk level.jpg
  • Fire Risk Assessment - Comments:

Actions on Fire Risk Assessment/previous Fire Risk Assessment review

  • Have all previous recommendations been satisfactorily addressed?

  • Brief details of recommendations not yet implemented:


  • Reviewed by:

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