Title Page

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

Event Details

  • Event Name

  • Event Date

  • Event Code

  • Committee Lead

Promotion of Event

  • Create webpage on FMA website showing measures being taken at events

  • Announce measures in newsletters & EDMs with link

  • Include link on registration pages

Venue and suppliers

  • Venue Checklist Completed and returned prior to booking

  • Confirm density rules are applied

  • Venue to provide confirmation of hygiene, decontamination

  • Approved food handling plan

  • Agreed social distance and visitor management in place

  • Record contact details on arrival

  • Isolation room availability

  • Confirm venue has this included along with precautionary procedures in place if used

  • Appropriate pedestrian wayfinding signage

Event Registration - website

  • All attendees have to complete registration with full details

  • Include check boxes on registration forms to confirm non-attendance if unwell on the day or just prior to event

  • Include shortcut to information on FMA COVID policies

  • Confirm travel in last 14 days

  • Confirm have you been in contact with anyone with COVID or cold like symptoms

Event - Lead up

  • Monitor COVID updates

  • Confirm committee nominated two COVID marshals

  • Confirm committee event lead and marshals have completed Commonwealth Government Online COVID training

Event - arrival/registration

  • Confirm venue layout prior to attendee arrival (adhering to density and social distancing rules)

  • Event coordinator or committee member to mark off each person upon entry (no pen sharing)

  • Confirm phone and emails captured are correct

  • Confirm travel in last 14 days

  • Confirm have you been in contact with anyone with COVID or cold like symptoms

Event - management

  • Confirm number of committee members attend event to provide suitable support for numbers in attendance for the duration of the event.

  • Identify COVID marshal/s to be responsible for adherence to current social distancing requirements and rules throughout the event, including:

  • Ensure attendees adhere to social distancing

  • Ensure any other rules are being followed throughout the event

  • Marshall to be key liaison with venue if no National Office representative available.

  • Announcements to be made in accordance with run sheet and include outline of participant expectations and this should be on a slide for visual presentation

  • Regular reminders to attendees to follow good hygiene practices, social distancing and avoid close physical contact


  • Incident reports - COVID marshal to be tasked with ensuring any incident are captured on incident report and communicated to National Office

  • Venue evaluation to be provided to Events Coordinator

  • Feedback provided to venue


  • COVID Marshall (1) Name

  • Signed

  • COVID Marshall (2) Name

  • Signed

  • Form completed by: Name

  • Signed

  • Date

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