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1.0 Sort: Establish the needed & remove the unneeded.

  • 1.1 Has a red tag area been established for the area?<br>

  • 1.2 Have all unneeded objects been removed from the station and placed in the red tag area.

  • 1.3 Are there items in the red tag area that have been there for over 2 weeks.

  • 1.4 Is there only needed equipment & materials at the station? Examine the size of stock parts, etc

  • 1.5 Is the red tag area & system used with regular sorting & disposition of items?

  • How do you rate the level for sort?

2.0 Store: A place for everything & everything in its place.

  • 2.1 Are items on benches in defined and labeled locations?

  • 2.2 Is the part storage method at the station working? Usable, expiry date, FIFO in place.

  • 2.3 Does each item have an identified place? Shadow boards, floor marking & clearly labeled.

  • 2.4 Is there any overstock in the workplace?

  • 2.5 Are consumables and chemicals are clearly identified & stored?

  • How do you rate the level for Store?

3.0 Shine:

  • 3.1 Do we have the needed equipment to effectively clean?

  • 3.2 Is there cleaning schedule for the area? If so is it being followed?

  • 3.3 Is the current cleaning schedule effective?

  • 3.4 Are all the 5S visuals being maintained, shadow boards, line marking etc?

  • 3.5 Is the entire work area process, floors, walls, ceiling being maintained to a current schedule?

  • How do you rate the level for shine?

4.0 Standardise: Establish & document the expected standard to be maintained.

  • 4.1 Has a standard been established for the area?

  • 4.2 Are PPE requirements & area requirements clearly signed & followed?

  • 4.3 Has a cleaning standard been developed for scheduled cleaning?

  • 4.4 Have standards been developed for tooling, materials replenishment & work area layout?

  • 4.5 Has 5S standard work been developed for the area, checklists, audits, schedules and are they being used?

  • How do you rate the level for standardise?

5.0 Sustain: Maintain & improve on standard

  • 5.1 Have audits been completed as per agreed schedule?

  • 5.2 Have audit opportunities been auctioned or on RAIL being actioned?

  • 5.3 Have any 5S kaizens been implemented in the last month?

  • 5.4 Is it obvious to outsiders that 5S is part of the culture?

  • 5.5 Are corrective actions applied to 5S the same as to any other abnormality?

  • How do you rate the level of Sustain?

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