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Food Defense for Food Preparation

Facility Security

  • Does management do a daily walk-through inspection of the operation?

  • Is the area around the facility well lighted?

  • Is the facility locked and secured when closed?

  • Are exterior doors (other than customer entryways) locked at all times?

  • Is access to exterior door and storage area keys restricted to management staff?

Facility Employees

  • Are new employees' work references, addresses, phone numbers, and information on criminal record and immigration status verified?

  • Is management alert for unusual employee behavior, i.e. workers staying after shift, arriving unusually early, accessing areas outside their responsibility, etc.?

  • Have employees been trained in security procedures?

  • Have staff been instructed to report unusual activities in the facility or on grounds?

  • Is employee access restricted to those areas in the facility necessary to their job functions?

  • Are customers restricted from entering food storage and preparation areas?

  • Are cleaning crews, contractors or other non-facility personnel supervised while in food storage and preparation areas?

  • Are employee personal items restricted to non-food handling areas?

Receiving Supplies

  • Are foods purchased only from reputable vendors?

  • Are deliveries received only while staff is present?

  • Is the delivery person escorted while in the food storage and preparation areas?

  • Are deliveries inspected for damage, tampering or counterfeiting before acceptance?

  • Are delivery items matched against order invoices before acceptance/use?

  • Once received, are foods immediately moved to a secure food storage area?

Food Preparation/ Holding/ Customer Service

  • Are standard operating procedures in place that outline the steps in each job?

  • Is each ingredient and its packaging inspected for evidence of tampering before use?

  • Are employees trained not to use any food with an unusual look or smell?

  • Are thermometers routinely used to measure food temperatures during preparation and holding?

  • Are foods thoroughly cooked to required temperatures? (Refer to applicable Food Code)

  • Are cold foods kept below 41°F/5°C?

  • Are hot foods kept above 135°F/57°C?

  • Is a "no bare hand contact" policy (use of gloves or tongs) in effect and enforced with ready-to-eat items?

  • Are self-service stations, like salad bars and buffets, in locations that are visible to employees at all times?

  • Are empty food containers removed and replaced by new ones to replenish food at salad bars and buffets?


  • Are cleaning and sanitizing chemicals used according to manufacturers' recommendations?

  • Is the cleaner concentration or water temperature for dish-sanitizing routinely checked?


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