Food Handling
Food Receipt

Cold Food received at 5C or colder? [3.2.2 DIV 3 (5)(3)(a)]

Any damaged items are rejected? [3.2.2 DIV 3 (5)(1)]

Delivery Temperatures are recorded? [3.2.2 DIV 3 (5)(3)]

Food Storage [3.2.2 DIV 3 (6)]

Chilled/ frozen food stored without delay

Cold food items placed in cold storage at 5C or lower.

Frozen food items placed in cold storage at minus 18C or lower.

Non Perishable food items stored on suitable shelving off the floor

Food items transferred to storage container has the appropriate ingredients list attached to the new container for food allergen requirements.

All open food items are correctly wrapped.

In multi-use refrigerators are raw & cooked products separated to avoid the risk of cross contamination

Temperatures are recorded for all fridges and freezers

Food Processing [3.2.2 DIV 3 (7)(1)]

Chopping boards, knives, slicers, etc, sanitized / washed after use.

Raw food not prepared near cooked food & utensils/surfaces/cutting boards sanitized between each use.

Cold food items are refrigerated between preparation & service.

Cooked food items are cooled within two hours – from 60 C to 21 C; and within a further four hours – from 21 C to 5 C.

Previously cooked and cooled foods to hold hot are rapidly reheated to a temperature of 60 C or above.

All previously reheated food items from display are never reheated and are always disposed of.

Food Disposal & Recall [3.2.2 DIV 3 (11)(1)]

Are items suspected of not being safe or suitable held and kept separate until further processed in a way that ensures its safety and suitability.

Health & Hygiene [3.2.2 DIV 4 ]

All food handlers are suitably trained in good hygiene practices?

Staff are wearing the appropriate PPE within all food service areas?

Are hand washing facilities specifically designated and accessible at all times?

Are the hand washing facilities supplied with warm water, soap and single use towels?

Cleaning, Pest Control & Maintenance [3.2.2 DIV 5 ]

Cleaning schedule on display and implemented?

Are cleaning schedules being recorded?

Are food contact surfaces of equipment cleaned and sanitized between being used for raw food processing and cooked food processing?

Are eating and drinking utensils being sanitized between use?

Is the premises maintained to a standard of cleanliness where there is no accumulation of garbage [recycled matter and garbage are stored in containers] food waste, dirt, grease and other visible matter.

Are there suitable preventive measures in place for controlling pests & vermin, including measures to prevent pests entering the premises? [3.2.2, Div 6 (24)(c)]

Is there a process implemented for the reporting and actioning of maintenance tasks?

Corporate Governance

Are temperature measuring devices readily accessible; and can they accurately measure the temperature of potentially hazardous food to +/- 1ºC.

Staff have adequate skill s and knowledge in food safety and hygiene matters [3.2.2, Div 2 (3)]

Design and Construction [3.2.3 DIV 2]

Is there adequate space for food handling activities to be conducted on the premises?

Is the ventilation either natural or mechanical capable of removing smoke, fumes, steam and vapors from the food premises?

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Review to be conducted NLT 3 months from date of Audit

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.