• Does the SPPM contain the most up to date version of Ch17?
    LOOK AT: the contents page of Ch17 and also look at the most recently updated sections within the chapter.

Blue Book

  • Food safety monitoring form completed in full every day?
    Check all sections on daily page are completed correctly. Are all deliveries recorded?

  • Daily cleanliness checklist is completed every day and signed off?

  • Thermometer calibration recorded correctly?

  • Corrective actions form is used when required?
    Check that any deviations from CCPs have a corrective action

Work Instructions

  • Are all monitoring tasks completed correctly?
    Observe or question staff. Are they using the right thermometer? Are all delivery checks completed?

  • Are work instructions for thawing, heating and holding food followed?
    Observe staff at work heating, thawing or storing food. Are products marked with their hold times for thawing, chilled and heated?
    Check pies in warmer, check other stock for expiry dates

  • Is the calibration work instruction followed?
    Ask Site Leader or staff to talk you through the ice point calibration method. Check any equipment that is above or below range has a sticker on it

  • Are products that have been recalled or are to be returned stored correctly?
    LOOK AT: how these products are stored. Could they easily be mistaken for products to go on display? Products must be stored in a separate area marked Do Not Use

Staff Conduct Rules

  • Have the staff conduct rules been implemented?
    Observe or question staff and site manager. Is hand washing effective? Are cuts covered and gloves worn over plaster dressings? Are gloves changed regularly? Are uniforms clean? Are fingernails clean? Is staff sickness policy complied with?

  • Is the Safety Policy Inspection completed by the site leader every 12 months?
    Check records of completed safety policy. Incident reports should be completed for any corrective actions

Policies and Procedures

  • If raw materials/services that affect food safety are not ordered from approved suppliers the appropriate person authorises their purchase?
    Ask site manager what the procedure is. Can you go and get supply of product from 'bobs' pies?'


  • Does the site have MSDS for the cleaning chemicals they use?
    These are not in the SPPM as all retailers use different suppliers.

  • Are all cleaning chemicals handled safely?
    They need to be labelled, stored away from food and dilution instructions followed.

  • The site cleaning schedule is adhered to?
    Check for schedule and records that cleaning is completed.

Wastage Form

  • Is wastage recorded?
    Check for waste forms

Pest Control

  • Does the approved pest control provider visit the site min. quarterly?

  • Does the site have all the required pest control records?
    LOOK FOR: floor plan with locations of rodent stations, copies of reports, a register for site staff to record pest sightings.

Maintenance Log

  • Are equipment maintenance issues logged?
    Check equip maintenance log.

Incident Reporting

  • Are incident reports generated for any food safety issue (including customer complaints)?
    Check incident reports and give hypotheticals


  • Are thermometers stored correctly?
    LOOK FOR: Thermometers kept in Perspex box.

Training Records

  • Personnel are trained (and records are completed) to perform the activities they are responsible for that affect food safety as listed on the training register?
    LOOK FOR: Form 5 food safety training register or check module 9 has been completed by all staff.

  • The competency of personnel at their work stations is assessed (and records are completed) within 1 month of commencing work and reassessed every two years?
    LOOK FOR: Form 6 food safety observations checklist or check that Module 9 has been completed by all staff.

General Site Issues

  • Are there any internal/external issues that could potentially affect food safety at the site?
    Walk the site (exterior and interior) and look for any other issues that could impact food safety, eg: location with other businesses, building WOF, external yards, drains etc, design and layout of room and equipment, air and water quality, lighting, building and equipment maintenance, toilet and other facilities

Retailer Processes

  • The records generated by the food safety management system are archived by the Retailer for 7 years?
    Ask Retailer.

  • Retailers notified their sites with information about a recall in a timely manner?
    TMs can gauge this from the feedback they receive from their retailers about the completion of corrective actions.

All Record Keeping

  • Are all records legible?
    Can everything that is written be easily understood?

  • There are no obsolete forms in use?
    Check SPPM, blue book, training records etc.

  • Has the TM completed at least 1 internal audit per annum?
    Copies should be available on site.


  • Any Other Comments?

  • Signature of auditor recognising completion:

  • Signature of manager recognising completion:

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