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  • Does the food safety program list all food activities? I.e bus trips, BBQ,s, other food related activies.

  • Does the flow chart show all process steps for each food activity?

  • Are the correct record sheets in the food safety program being used and completed correctly?

  • Are staff following the control steps in the food safety program?

  • Are all records being verified by the facility manager and is adequate corrective action taken for incomplete records or non compliances?


  • Have all food handlers received food safe training within the last 2 years? (this includes SCC staff, agency staff and volunteers).

  • Are staff practicing good food handling technics?

  • Are probe thermometers being sanitized before and after use?

  • Are staff aware how to clean the bins?

  • Are staff aware of the labeling procedure and checking Use By dates?

  • Are food handlers aware not to return to work if infected with a food Bourne illness?


  • Are the nutrition and hydration care plans available for all residents at the facility and do the house kitchen and main kitchen reflect each other?

  • Do the nutrition hydration care plans adequately show what texture food to provide and what foods residents are allergic to and clarify the difference between allergy, intolerance and dislike?

  • Do the resident meal choice lists reflect the information on the nutrition and hydration care plans?

  • Review the main kitchen, house kitchen nutrition and hydration care plans and resident meal choice lists to ensure they are the same.

  • Are staff aware and do they follow the procedures for updating the nutrition hydration care plans, resident meal choice lists, and allergen control. (Note: flow charts for updating are available on eKey.)

  • Are staff aware not to use any unapproved forms, cheat sheets or display resident dietary information on white boards without approval from the facility manager?


  • Is food only purchased from those listed on Record:1 Approved suppliers? (This includes takeaway and cafe's.)

  • Are all approved suppliers HACCP certificates or food safety equivilant information up to date and filed in the food safety program in Record 1: Approved suppliers?


  • Is food being received in compliance with Receiving control 8.2?

  • Record 2: Delivery Record must show evidence that the packaging is in good condition, use by dates are acceptable, cold goods below 5'c, frozen goods are hard frozen and truck is in good clean condition.

  • Are all food deliveries monitored and recorded on Record 2: Delivery record?

  • Is adequate corrective action taken when required?

  • Are staff aware of the quarantine procedure for damaged products or product recalls?


  • Is food being stored in compliance with storage control 8.3? (All fridge and freezer temperatures monitored and recorded, food not stored on the floor, decanted items labelled, opened items sealed closed adequately to prevent contamination).

  • Are appliance records complete and is corrective action taken when required?

  • Are all foods both cooked and prepared clearly labelled with a product name and Use by date?


  • Are procedures to minimize the time sandwich fillings and sandwiches are out of refrigeration being followed and is evidence provided on Record 6: Preparation and thawing?

  • Are sandwich fillings, texture modified foods and salads consumed within 48 hours of preparation?

  • Is Record 6: Preparation and thawing being used to record the defrosting time for food not defrosted under refrigeration?

  • Is food being prepared in a way to prevent cross contamination?

  • Are foods labelled with a defrosted on date and used within 48 hours once fully defrosted?


  • Is cooking and reheating conducted in compliance with control 8.6? (Potentially hazardous food cooked above 75'c, and reheated above 60'c.)


  • Is food being processed in compliance to control 8.6 and work instruction for texture modification?

  • Is processing equipment sanitized before and after each use?

  • Is the portioning time being monitored on Record 6: preparation?


  • Is cooling of food in compliance with control 8.8: Cooling? (Placed into refrigeration at a temperature no lower than 60'c and cooled from 60'c to 5'c within 6 hours.) (all foods cooled are to be recorded.)

  • Have procedures been created for cooling all dishes cooked in advance and are all staff aware?


  • Food is held hot above 60'c?

  • Meals that contain allergens are labelled as stated in the work instruction for allergen control?

  • Food is consumed within 2 hours?

  • Are staff referring to the nutrition and hydration care plans and resident meal choice list prior to serving food.


  • Are all the bins clean in the food preparation areas?

  • Are all food preparation and storage areas in the main kitchen and house kitchens clean and is a (no rinse) sanitizer being used?

  • Are mops, buckets, brooms clean, and stored inside and in a way to eliminate cross contamination?

  • Are the light fittings and fly traps clean?

  • Is the outside bin area clean?


  • Has a licensed pest controller visited within 3 months and provided an inspection report, map of bait stations and an up to date permit?

  • Are all fridges and freezers in good working order?

  • Are the canopy hood and filters clean?

  • Are all food preparation areas maintained to prevent pest activity? ( no holes in walls, floor or ceiling, flies are controlled).

  • Have all thermometers been calibrated once per month using both hot and cold method, results recorded on Record 7A: Calibration and are they within 1'c?

  • Are all fridge and freezer thermometers in working order and calibrated within 1'c?



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