Title Page

  • Site conducted

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

Source Of Complaint

  •  Customer  Consumer  Regulatory agency - Please specify

  • Name and address of Branch involved

Complainant Details:

  • Customer Name

  • Complainant address:

  • Complainant Contact Number:

  • Complainant Email address:

  • Sex (Female/Male)

  • Food Consumed

  • Date and Time Consumed

Type of Complaint

  •  Product quality  Illness  Allergen  Foreign body - Please specify

Product Details

  • Product Name

  • Batch Code:

  • Production Date:

  • Best Before/Used By Date:

  • Delivery Date

  • Quantity Purchased

Complaint details

  • Brief details:

  • Photo evidence

  • Have they suffer any injury?

  • Do they have any medical evidence?

  • Do they haven receipt of any expenses incurred?

  • Have they reported the complaint to any third party e.g. Individual or government organisation?

Root Cause

  • Brief Details:

Response to complainant

  • Brief Details

  • Is product Withdrawal /Recall required?

  • Corrective action required?

Action to be taken

  • Brief details of action

Complaint closed off

  • Completed by

  • Date completed

  • Signed

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