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Day 1

  • Team Member has been qualified through interview process?

  • Operator Evaluation of Skills on lift has been conducted and satisfactory for continued training?

  • Name of person that conducted Evaluation

  • Team Member has been introduced to the team on location?

  • Tour of facility has been conducted?

  • Review of previous Forklift incidents in the facility. This should include walks to the floor and demonstrations of what actually occurred.

  • Name of Person that went over Incidents with New Team Member

  • Team Member has completed Pure Safety Training and all other training(s) assigned to them in Pure Safety?

Day 2-3

  • Buddy is assigned for day for team member to observe.

  • Buddy Signature responsible for New team member during the shift

  • Pre-Operating procedure has been gone over and team member can complete confidently on their own?

  • Any site specific S.O.P. training (OJT) training has been gone over (different size forks talked about if needed, different container sizes discussed and shown as it pertains to handling needs), and new team member can handle each type of container while operating the lift and is confident in their training.

  • New Team member has spent the day with Buddy on their feet observing lift movement and how things are run on the floor?

  • Trainer of Pre-Inspection and S.O.P. agrees team member is trained.

Day 4

  • Has the trainer/new hire/ buddy met at start of day to discuss any thoughts or concerns each may have?

  • Any info or concerns discussed should be listed here.

  • Concerns or questions have been addressed before moving further into the training?

  • Buddy from previous day is now on floor and New Team Member is on lift begining "light" work. Buddy is available to help all day and is responsible for new team member to ensure safety and correct procedures being followed.

  • Comments from the day concerning "light work" day.

Day 5

  • New Team Member is now placed on lift where light work was applied previous date. Work will continue with Buddy available in area if needed.

  • At end of day 5 Team Member, Supervisor and/or Manager meet to discuss progress and if further training is required or what the next steps should be. -Notes from this meeting.

  • Set a reminder for Day 10 meeting date.

Day 10

  • Meeting with Supervisor, Manager, and Buddy meet to discuss progress. Continued work if progress is acceptable.

  • Notes from this meeting.

  • Manager Signature

  • Supervisor Signature

  • Buddy Signature

  • Set a reminder for Day 30 meeting date.

Day 30

  • Drivers test conducted again on New team member?

  • Notes from Testing and Test Score

  • Has follow up has been created for 60 days in this question?

  • Has follow up been created for 90 days in this question?

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