• Are large span floor joists installed as per manufacturer's specifications/layouts?

  • Have the load-bearing points been set up for girder trusses etc? (where applicable)

  • Has the sheet flooring been installed as per manufacturer's recommendation?


  • Check room sizes & ceiling heights as per plans & details

  • Check walls for plumb, square, straight & level (must not exceed 4mm in 2m length)

  • Check bottom plate is sitting securely on the floor surface (if not refer to Engineer to provide rectification detail)

  • Check all bracing and tie downs are installed as required and wind rating requirements complied with

  • Check noggins are installed for all bathroom accessories- by wall manufacturer

  • Check all stud to plate connections are securely fixed and tightly fitted together

  • Ensure wall intersection blocks are installed correctly for lock up carpenter to connect when straightening walls

  • Check all wastes are located as per plan. Floor joists are designed & installed to work in with floor wastes and that there are no clashes

  • Check all beams to openings and spans are installed and fixed correctly as per details

  • Check all doors and openings are correct size and correctly located as per IFC plans


  • Check all windows are plumb, square & installed to manufacturer's requirements (Note: must be packed to manufacturer's specification.)

  • Check all window reveals are undamaged

  • Ensure all window frames are free of damage or defects

  • Are all window flashings installed?


  • Check that all roof trusses have been installed in accordance with the Truss Manufacturer's design and layout

  • Check that all girder trusses are correctly supported i.e. point loading has been provided

  • Check that stairwell walls are correct i.e. raking walls are correct height. No timber members protruding into stairwell

  • Check that all connections, bracing and tie downs have been installed in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations

  • Ensure that secondary plates have been installed to load bearing walls

  • Non-load bearing walls are to be free of bottom of truss chord by the thickness of the secondary plate

  • Have any trusses been damaged from original condition whilst placing in final position? If yes, consult with manufacturer for correct rectification procedure)

  • Have trusses been designed to cope with any known loads? i.e. air conditioning, solar heating panels etc

  • Are trusses installed within installation tolerances?

  • 1. Plumb -apex <50mm or standard/200 out of vertical

  • 2. Plumb -all sections of truss < 50mm or height/50 out of vertical

  • 3. Bow -all chord bows <50mm or cord length/200

  • Are all multiple trusses correctly secured together as per manufacturer's details?

  • Are walling plates securely fixed to wall and truss as designed?

  • Are parapets as per plan? Height etc? Do they allow adequate upstand for flashings?


  • Are top chord temporary ties no greater than 3m spacing?

  • Are bottom chord temporary ties no greater than 4m spacing?

  • Is the speed bracing configuration correct?

  • Is the apex bracing installed correctly?

  • Is the speed bracing fixing to each truss top chord correct?

  • Has the speed bracing been correctly fixed?

  • Has all bracing ply been installed as required?

  • Is all bracing installed as per Engineers requirements? (refer to engineers IFC documentation)


  • Have all connections been secured in accordance with guideline requirements?

  • Have internal walls been secured to trusses and internal wall brackets?

  • Check all internal wall brackets for correct fixing

  • Ensure all connection guidelines of truss installations are met


  • Check correct eave overhang on truss tail for fascia/barge and lining as required

  • Check all box gutter boarding is installed to required standards & provision is made for sumps and overflows

  • Check all roof cover battens have been installed correctly to meet roof truss design requirements and roof covering material being installed

  • Has man hole been framed/trimmed as per plan? (If applicable)

  • Has frame been inspected and passed by Building Surveyor? Y / N (please circle one)

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