• Explain importance of WHS and what it means to the Franchisee

  • Explain Health And Safety Management System Manual

  • Explain How to Read and Understand MSDS Register

  • Explain the Importance of Tagging Electrical Equipment

  • Show and Explain all PPE:<br> <br> <br> <br> <br>

  • -Safety Goggles

  • -Gloves

  • -Residual Current Device (RCD)

  • -Earmuffs/Ear Plugs

  • -Dust Mask

  • -Safety Cones

  • -First Aid Kit


  • Explain how to Approach Each Cleaning Job by Braking it Down:

  • -Kitchen

  • -Bathroom

  • -General Dusting

  • -Floors


  • Demonstrate how to Clean Oven ( Basic)<br>

  • Explain how to Detail clean Oven:

  • -PPE

  • -Chemicals

  • -Glass Door

  • -Racks and Trays

  • -Temperature

  • -Pyrolytic Oven

  • -Precautions to Take

  • Demonstrate how to Clean Microwave.

  • Demonstrate how to Clean Rangehood.

  • Demonstrate how to Clean Cooktop.

  • Demonstrate how to Clean Benchtop.

  • Demonstrate different viewing angles to ensure bench tops are clean.

  • Explain different types of Bench tops.

  • Demonstrate how to Clean sinks and taps.

  • Demonstrate how to Clean Cupboards.

  • Demonstrate how to Clean Fridge.

  • Demonstrate how to Clean and Polish Stainless Steel.

  • Explain how to remove "Tea Staining" from Stainless Steel.


  • Explain how to Breakdown Bathroom into Sections.

  • Demonstrate how to Clean Mirrors.

  • Demonstrate how to Clean basin/taps.

  • Demonstrate how to Clean bath.

  • Demonstrate how to Clean shower tiles/screen.

  • Demonstrate how to Clean toilet.

  • Demonstrate how to Clean exhaust fan.

  • Discuss best cloths to use and why.

  • Discuss best products to use and why.


  • Demonstrate how to Clean dining room furniture.

  • Demonstrate how to Clean lounge room furniture.

  • Demonstrate how to Clean TV Screens and Computer screens.

  • Demonstrate how to Clean bedroom furniture.

  • Demonstrate how to Clean laundry.


  • Demonstrate how to Clean Walls.

  • Demonstrate how to Use sugar soap ( Tricleanium).

  • Demonstrate how to Clean wall hangings.

  • Demonstrate how to Clean ceiling fans.

  • Demonstrate how to Clean blinds.

  • Demonstrate how to Use correct Cobweb tools.

  • Demonstrate how to clean skirts.

  • Explain/Demonstrate risks of using vacuum for cobweb removal.

  • Explain how to clean windows:

  • Demonstrate how to clean windows using Scrim cloth.

  • Demonstrate how to clean windows using proper tools.


  • Demonstrate the Following:

  • How to Vacuum

  • Never walk backwards while Vacuuming stairs an why

  • Frequency of emptying Vacuum

  • Cord management and Maintanance

  • How to adjust vacuum belts for comfort

  • Explain the difference between Aqua mop and Bucket Mop.

  • Demonstrate how to use Aqua Mop

  • Demonstrate how to use Bucket Mop

  • Demonstrate how to Clean/Change micro fibre pads


  • Explain how chemicals have changed from harsh to friendly.

  • Explain Enzyme Wizard products and uses.

  • Explain why sometimes a harsh chemical is necessary.

  • Explain specific chemicals for certain cleaning jobs<br><br> -Oven Cleaning<br> -Mould Removal<br> -Vacates

  • Explain about dilution and mixing/ labelling of chemicals.


  • Explain Importance of Business Cards

  • Explain Importance of how to answer phone correctly

  • Explain Importance of having correct voicemail

  • Explain Importance of having the correct E-Mail signature

  • Explain Importance of Wearing proper uniform

  • Explain Importance of exceeding customers expectations

  • Explain Importance of Why we must act on leads IMMEDIATELY

  • Explain How to avoid customer complaints <br>

  • Explain what to do if you have a customer complaint


  • Explain how to find the "holy grail" of power points

  • Explain how to look for additional services:

  • -Blower

  • -Oven Cleaning

  • -Rubbish Removal

  • -Look for jobs for other jims divisions like carpet/window cleaning etc

  • Explain micro fibre cloths and uses and how to wash them


  • Explain what to do when you break something

  • Explain the difference between domestic/commercial and vacate cleaning

  • Explain principles of quoting

  • Explain concept of trying to do "something extra" on each job

  • Explain how to work with contractor/worker to minimise job time


  • Turned up on time for training days?

  • If NO, did they phone to say they would be late?

  • Was well presented and good standard of hygiene ?

  • Was polite and courteous to trainer ?

  • Was willing and eager to learn ?

  • Listened to instructions and followed them accurately ?

  • Asked relevant questions where appropriate ?

  • Showed a degree of initiative ?

  • Cleaned to an acceptable level ?



  • New FSE Name

  • Trainers Name

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