• Property address

  • Landlords name(s)

  • Tenants name(s)

  • Conducted on

  • External pictures including any grounds

  • Internal pictures of each room

Pictures of property related issues (if any)

  • Property related issues to be addressed by the Tenant(s)

  • Property related issues to be addressed by the Landlord

Potential issues to be addressed by the Tenant(s)

  • Has the property been thoroughly cleaned?

  • Is the cooker, hob and extractor working and clean?

  • Picture of inside and out of cooker and hob / extractor

  • Are the windows reasonably clean?

  • Are the carpets / flooring in an acceptable condition?

  • Are the carpets / flooring clean?

  • Is the property free from any pet related damage to the property?

  • Is the property free from any pet related smells?

  • Is the property free of any rubbish or waste internally and externally?

  • Has the garden / grounds been left in a good order (if applicable)?

  • Picture of grounds if applicable

  • Is the property free from any tenant related damage to the property?

Safety Regulations

  • Are there adequate smoke alarms installed on each floor and do they work?

  • Pictures of each alarm (if present)

  • Are there adequate carbon monoxide alarms installed and are they working (if applicable)?

  • Pictures of alarm(s) if present

  • Are there any other fire / safety / hazards related to the property such as plugs, sockets, switches or light fittings that need to be addressed?

General condition

Tenant(s) forwarding address details

Meter readings

  • Select date

  • GAS

  • Manual reading

  • Supplier


  • Manual reading

  • Supplier


  • Manual reading

  • Supplier

  • OIL

  • Manual reading

  • Supplier

Return of keys

  • Have a full set of keys been returned?

Recommended actions to be taken by the Tenant(s)

  • Is the tenant(s) free of the any actions required to be undertaken at the property?

Recommended actions to be taken by the Landlord

  • Is the landlord free of any actions required at the property?

  • Inspectors signature

  • Tenants signature

  • This check out report has been completed for the final inspection of the above property. The inspection did not involve any furniture or other personal possessions being moved. The opinions provided within this report are based on our experience as property managers. Any opinion given relating to the condition of the property is based upon a comparison condition when the tenant(s) originally entered the property at the start of the tenancy and subsequent inspections completed for the duration of the tenancy.

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