Address of Survey

  • Address

Boiler Position

  • Photographs of boiler installed

  • Details of boiler position

  • Appliance cover fitted and secure

  • Min distances adhered to 150mm to bottom, 200mm above, 5mm to sides

  • Min manufactures clearance adhered to

  • Benchmark completed - User Manuel Left - Verbal Instruction given

  • Magna Clean installed

  • Fernox label attached

  • Temp filling Loop disconnected and capped

  • Blow off sleeved through wall - client specific

  • Rectification Required

Flue information

  • Flue type

  • Approximate flue length to include bends 1Metre to be added for 90 bends 0.5 for 45 bends

  • Max length for horizontal and vertical flues 10 Metres,

  • Manufactures recommended min distance for clearance adhered to

  • Correct Degree of fall on flue not less than 1.5 degrees

  • Brackets fitted where required to manufactures instructions

  • Rectification Required


  • Condensate termination

  • Condensate termination

  • 50 mm fall over every meter on condensate pipe

  • External Condensate should be insulated

  • Rectification Required

Gas meter

  • ECV accessible

  • Isolation indicator label fitted

  • Emergency contact information label on meter

  • Bonding in place

  • Rectification Required

Gas pipework

  • External pipework protected

  • Gas pipe passing cavity walls correctly installed and sealed

  • All pipework supplying combination boiler should be 22mm or over all 15mm should be removed

  • Correct size pipework used throughout

  • Ventilation as required by Regulations and Manufactures instruction

  • Rectification Required

All other pipework

  • All pipework installed neatly and clipped

  • Screws and fixings in place as per manufactures instructions

  • Rectification Required

Post Installation Gas checks

  • List Checks Completed

  • Let by test

  • Tightness Test

  • Operating pressure at meter

  • Reading for operating pressure at meter

  • Operating Pressure at Appliance

  • Reading for operating Pressure at meter

  • Gas Rate in kW net

  • Gas rate reading kW net

  • Gas reading M/3 per hour

  • Gas Flue analyser

  • CO - CO2 - O2 readings on maximum running test

  • Co - CO2 - O2 readings at minimum running

  • Spillage checks


  • Notes On Installation

  • Signed

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