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Site Details

Installer Details

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Heat Pump Details

  • Heat Pump Model

  • Serial Number

  • Data Plate Photo

  • Electrics Photo

  • Cylinder Label

  • Installation Date Unknown

  • Installation Date

Outside Installation

  • Installation location suitable

  • Installation location

  • Heat Pump secured to suitable base / foundation with 4 x M10 anchor bolts

  • Condensate drain installed correctly (without kinks)

  • Condensate drain runs 500mm from base to soak away

  • Min clearance of 300mm from wall to rear of Heat Pump

  • Min clearance of 500mm left and right of Heat Pump

  • Min clearance of 1000mm in front of Heat Pump

  • Flow installed correctly

  • Return installed correctly

  • Vapour proof insulation of pipe work

  • Vapour proof insulation of valves

  • Suitable 230V lockable isolator installed

  • Electrical covers replaced

  • Rodent access prevented / blanks fitted

  • Heat Pump covers replaced

  • Filter strainer fitted to return of heat pump, removed and checked clear of debris

  • Is the property a holiday home?

  • Is the area prone to power cuts?

  • Antifreeze/ Glycol added?

  • Concentration

  • Antifreeze/ Glycol concentration

  • Antifreeze/ Glycol added?

  • Concentration

  • Antifreeze/ Glycol concentration

  • Is the area prone to power cuts?

  • Antifreeze/ Glycol added?

  • Concentration

  • Antifreeze/ Glycol concentration

Electrical Supply

  • 230V single phase supply

  • Heat Pump connected on own RCD / RCBO

  • Reconfirm model

  • Heat Pump protective device type

  • Heat Pump protective device rating

  • Heat Pump protective device type

  • Heat Pump protective device rating

  • Wiring Centre connected on own RCD / RCBO

  • Wiring Centre protective device type

  • Wiring Centre protective device rating

  • Load assessment carried out

  • Supply cable type

  • Supply cable live conductors csa size

  • Supply cable CPC conductor csa size

  • Heat Pump wiring

  • Beldon 9842 or equivalent (RS485) communications cable used

  • Wiring Centre / Cylinder supply isolated by a 2 pole switch

  • Record supply voltage at heat pump when off (V)

  • Record supply voltage at heat pump after 5 minutes of running (V)

  • Wiring installation in general


  • Dimplex hydraulic schematic number

  • Generator circuit pipe size (mm)

  • Generator pipe work at rear of heat pump

  • Generator pipes minimum internal diameter 25.6mm

  • Diverter valve installed correctly as per schematic

  • Diverter valve

  • Main circulation pump installed correctly

  • Pump

  • Expansion and pressure relief installed

  • System power flushed

  • Additional Notes

  • System filled with clean fresh water

  • Additional Notes

  • System purged of all air

  • Additional Notes

  • Auto air vents installed

  • Additional filtration installed

  • Record the heating system pressure (bar)

  • Heating functional checks complete, sensors etc.

  • Heating electrical checks complete

  • Specified pipe size used from heat pump to cylinder and buffer

  • Bypass fitted in the correct location as per schematic

  • Correct bypass used for installation (i.e. open bypass used with secondary circulation pumps)

  • If pressure differential bypass record the setting (bar)

  • Heating circuit primary pump make and model

  • How many zones on the installation

  • List make and models of all zone pumps and valves


  • Suitable DHW cylinder location and accessible for maintenance

  • A Class cylinder installed

  • Dimplex heat pump cylinder installed

  • Other cylinder installed

  • Cylinder make and model

  • Cylinder

  • Heat exchanger surface area (m2)

  • Coil rated capacity (kW)

  • Flange heater capacity

  • DHW T&P fitted and tested

  • Tundish, D1 and D2 pipes installed IAW G3 regulations

  • DHW expansion vessel installed

  • DHW inlet group installed

  • Cold feed connected

  • Cylinder full of water

  • Secondary return installed

  • Cylinder pipe insulation fitted

Solar Heating

  • Is there solar water heating

  • Solar system controller make and model

  • Solar heating back up

  • Solar regulator make and model

Supplementary Heating

  • Is there supplementary heating

  • Type of supplementary heating

  • Rating of supplementary heating (kW)

Wiring Centre

  • Suitable location and accessible

  • Heat Pump modbus at wiring centre installed correctly

  • Heat Pump modbus at wiring centre connected correctly

  • User Interface modbus at wiring centre installed correctly

  • User Interface modbus at wiring centre connected correctly correctly

  • Decoupling motor relays fitted where required

User Interface

  • Suitable location and accessible

  • Programming only function

  • What form of temperature control is used?

  • Modbus installed correctly

  • Modbus connected correctly

  • Modbus jumpers fitted correctly

  • Modbus network power up test ok

Commissioning / Setting to Work

  • Cold weather start up <5 degrees

  • Circulation pump check, audible flow check, valves etc

  • Flow rate, circulation and capacity check complete

  • Diverter valve functionality check complete

  • Record highest temp achieved in cylinder (degrees C)

  • Disinfection temp and schedule

  • Successful commissioning procedure

  • Setup complete and selected to auto

  • Heating zone 1 switched on

  • Heating zone 2 switched on

  • Heating zone 3 switched on

  • Heating zone 4 switched on

  • DHW switched on

  • User system access

  • System monitored by return

  • Heating type

  • Record the flow rate for DHW production (L/HR)

  • Record the flow rate for space heating (L/HR)

  • This is calculated by looking at the product log files. This can be automatically calculated using the DATALOG spreadsheet or manually by using the below formula

  • (SEC Heating Capacity / (4185 * (Flow Temp - Return Temp))) / 3600

Heating Curve

  • How many heating curves are set

  • Z1 heat curve

  • Z1 heat curve

  • Z2 heat curve

  • Z1 heat curve

  • Z2 heat curve

  • Z3 heat curve

  • Z1 heat curve

  • Z2 heat curve

  • Z3 heat curve

  • Z4 heat curve

Additional photos

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Parts Used

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  • Barcode

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