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Job No:

Date and Time:



Project Manager:

Jobsite Information

Are there medical services and first aid equipment, stretchers and emergency vehicles available?

Are job injury records being kept?

Are emergency telephone numbers, such as police, fire, doctor, hospital and ambulance posted?

Are monthly & weekly toolbox safety meetings being conducted?

Are all required posters posted, including OSHA & GEC Co. Policies?

First Aid Kit on Job?

Electrical Item

Panel Trim On

Panel Interior Trim on

Panel KO’s Blanked Up

All breakers slots filled up with either breakers or blank fillers

Panel Circuit directory filled out

Voltage Marked on Panel Doors

“Danger High Voltage Keep Out” sign on panel & electrical room

Proper Cable Conn on Temp. Panel

All temp feeds & light stringers tied up with tie wraps or insulated solid wire

Wiring Proper size to handle load

Sufficient Lighting

All lamps have light cages

All receptacles GFI protected

All temp boxes securely mounted to wall, ceiling etc.

Have existing electrical conditions which are not up to standards been surveyed & addressed on the contractor or owner?

Any electrical work, or work by other trades which are creating unsafe conditions been addressed to contractor or owner?

No Storage of materials in electrical rooms


Tools & Cords in good condition

Tools & Cords have proper grounding

Mechanical Safeguards in place

GFCI pigtails in use on building permanent power

Defective tools tagged and returned to office for repair DO NOT KEEP DEFECTIVE TOOLS ON THE JOB

Men using right tool for right job

Housekeeping and Sanitation

General Neatness of working area

Regular disposal of waste and trash

Passageways and walkways clear

Projecting nails removed

Waste Containers provided and used

Sanitary Facilities adequate and clean

Adequate supply of water and cups

Wash Facilities available and clean

Power Activated Tools

Tools and charges protected from unauthorized use

Competent instruction and supervision

Tools check and in good working order prior to use

Tools not used in anything but recommended materials

Safety goggles or faced shields

Do operators have qualified operator cards?

Flying hazard checked by backing up, removal or personnel or use of captive stud tool


Ladders inspected and in good condition

Are ladders properly secured to prevent slipping, sliding or falling

Do slide rails extend 36” above top of landing?

Stepladders fully opened when in use

Metal ladders not used

Defective ladders not used

Defective ladders returned to shop


Has staging been properly erected?

Are all connections secured?

Are working areas free of debris, snow, ice, grease?

Are foot sills and mud sills provided?

Is scaffold plumb and square with cross bracing?

Are guard rails, intermediate rails and toe boards in place?

Is scaffold equipment in good working order?

Are connections using lock pins?

Is work area totally plat formed?

Safety belts in use

Access adequate


Floor Openings planked or barricaded

Perimeter guard rails installed

Stairways have rails and stair treads filled with wood

Elevator shafts and pits barricaded

Static line in use where required

Are toe boards and midrails in use?


Does trench meet OSHA standard

Is shoring and sheathing used for soil and depth?

Is Material stored too close to excavations

Is excavation barricaded?

Is equipment a safe distance from edge of excavation?

Are ladders provided where needed?

Flammable Gases and Liquids

All containers clearly identified

Proper storage practices

Fire hazards checked

Proper storage temperatures and protection

Proper types and number of extinguishers nearby

Carts for moving cylinders

Welding and Cutting

Are operators qualified?

Goggles, gloves, clothing

Screens and shields in use

Equipment in good operating condition

Electrical equipment grounded

Power cables protected and in good condition

Fire extinguishers of proper type near by

Inspection of fire hazard

Flammable materials protected

Gas cylinders chained upright Gas lines prote4cted and in good conditionht

Gas lines protected and in good condition

Are cylinder caps in use in stored cylinders

Are gauges working properly and in good repair

Are hoses flexible and free from cracks

Personal Protective Equipment

Goggles being used

Face shields where applicable

Ear plugs being used

Hard hats being worn

Are deposable type respirators for harmful dust welding, etc available

Adequate ventilation when painting or using Tricloroethane

High voltage safety equipment on job & used where needed

Safety belts in use when needed

Retrieval System in use where needed


Are materials properly stored or stacked

Are passageways clear

Are men lifting loads correctly

Are materials protected from weather conditions?

Hazard Communication Program

Have all employees received training?

Are MSDS Sheets for hazardous material used in the job at the jobsite?

Unsafe Acts or Practices Observed & Comments

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.