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PPE & Safe Work Practices

  • Correct PPE worn and is it in good condition?

  • Metatarsal safety shoes worn and are they in good condition

  • Hearing protection worn

  • Gloves (if required)

  • Other required PPE?

Lifting Devices

  • Material lifting devices used and are they in good condition

  • Can operator explain daily inspection performed on lifting devices

  • Inspect lifting devices for worn or damaged devices

Safety Shower / Eye Wash Station

  • Is their a shower of eye station located where acids / bases (corrosives) used. " Sodium Aluminate"

  • Are they inspected monthly and access not blocked

Emergency Exits

  • Aisles and emergency exits not blocked


  • Is voltage indicated on electrical control enclosures, power cabinets,, junction boxes etc.

  • Clearance in front of electrical enclosures36" (0-150v) and 42" (151-600v)

  • Chords are free from frays and damage

  • GFCI's required on portable electric tools and in areas where wetness or damage to cord is possible

  • Are knockout plugs present on all electrical enclosures

Material Storage Area

  • Material organized and stored in proper location.

Flammable Cabinets

  • Only flammable liquids in cabinet (no paper, wood or plastic stored in cabinet)

  • No more than 3 cabinets within 100 square feet


  • Are any spills or leaks present?

Fit and Finish

  • Is ceiling tiles clear of stains?

  • Is the paint on the walls in good condition?

Walking / Working surfaces

  • Are the walkways clear and free of debris?

  • Are any holes or floor opening not guarded?

Fire Extinguishers

  • Monthly Inspection completed / Verify completely charged

  • Marked with proper signage (permit required sign or non permit required sign

Lockout / Tagout

  • Are LOTO labels present?

Doors and Glass

  • Are doors in good condition? Be sure to check paint and door operation of the doors.

  • Are windows in are free of cracks ?

  • Do windows appear to be sealed properly?

  • Is the door closers leaking?

Standard Work area

  • Area clean & organized (less than 1 day of dirt)?

  • Aisles and emergency exits not blocked?

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