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Gemba Walk

  • GEMBA Tips: 1. Priortise and highlight areas that might need attention (use KPI measures or safety/injury trends) to select a work area/task to focus your LEAN observation. 2. Give the team or individual a heads up; Advise when and why. 3. Observe only, don't interfere unless there is a safety risk. 4. Be a learner and show respect. 5. Feedback learning points to the team after analysis

  • Effective GEMBA Walk: Conduct the observation of workers in the actual workplace. Get insights from workers and learn from it. Ask what approaches and methods work well and which need improvement

  • Work Area/Task to be observed

  • Personnel Involved

Gathering Information

  • Is there an established, documented SOP for the task?

  • Worker(s) have a current training record for the task?

Task Observation

  • How did you learn to complete this task?

  • Do you have an understanding of the SOP?

  • If you had your way, how would you complete this task?

  • Are you aware of all of the information on the job card?

  • Do you think that the job card provides all the required specifications?

  • Do you have all of the required materials to complete the task?

  • Do you have all of the required tools for the current task?

  • Is the tools/equipment provided are working well?

  • Is there a 5s location identified for storage of materials, tools or equipment?

  • Are you aware of the Quality standards for the task?

  • Are you aware of the Safety standards for the task?

  • Do you think that the Production, Quality and Safety requirements/expectations are clear?

  • Have there been any problems related to tools, equipment, materials, Quality or Safety on this shift?

  • Who do you speak to if/when something goes wrong?

  • What challenges do you face on a regular basis?

  • What issues or barriers to flow make this task frustrating or time consuming?

  • What other questions do you think I should have asked?


  • Observation summary or comments

  • Potential Opportunities

  • Potential Solutions

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