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Section 1 Chassis VIN and Body Serial Numbers

  • Chassis Year

  • Chassis mfg

  • Chassis model

  • Chassis VIN

  • Body Mfg

  • Body model

  • Body Serial Number

  • Picture of body I.D. Plate

Section 2 Hydraulic Reservoir

  • Mounting Hardware Retorque

  • Check Access Port

  • Check for damage or leaks

  • Check suction fitting and ball valve

  • Check suction line clamp

  • Check suction line clamps and brackets

  • Check section line pump flange

  • Check front mount pump bracket and pump hardware

  • Check pump drive line hardware

  • Check pump high pressure line and brackets

Section 3 Lift Arm Assembly

  • Forks assembly

  • Inspect fork for damage

  • Inspect fork main pin and bushing

  • Inspection fork bumper pad and hardware

  • Inspect from cylinder safety prox switch

  • Inspect fork cylinder mounting pins and bushings

  • Lift arm

  • Check lift arm welds and structure

  • Torque lift arm bearing hardware to 250 lbs

  • Check torque tube flange welds

  • Check fork bearing block hardware - torque to 250 ft lbs

  • Check fork hydraulic lines clamps

Section 4 Body Superstructure

  • Body Mounts

  • Left front body guide

  • Left mid body spring mount and hardware

  • Left rear body hinge and hardware

  • Right front body guide

  • Right mid-body spring mount and hardware

  • Right rear body hinge and hardware

  • Top Door

  • Inspect for damage

  • Inspect top door guide tracks

  • Inspect top door cylinder

  • Body under structure

  • Hopper understructure

  • Body V Flange long members

  • Inspect. Rear body bolster

Section 5 Packer Blade and Wear Shoes

  • Inspect Packer Blade Wears Shoes

  • Inspect Center Wear Shoes

  • Inspect general condition of packer blade superstructure

  • Inspect packer blade pins and bosses

  • Inspect wear shoes and tracks

Section 6 Hydraulic System

  • Check main system pressure

  • Pressure setting

  • Check fork controls

  • Check arm controls

  • Check auto half pack system

  • Check tailgate controls

  • Inspect packer cylinders

  • Inspect fork cylinders

  • Inspect lift arm cylinders

  • Inspect tailgate cylinders

  • Inspect return line filter

  • Inspect tank breather filter

  • Inspect filter alert

Section 7 Operator Controls

  • E kill switch

  • Pimp on/off Switch

  • Warning Lights

  • Half Pack System

  • Auto Pack System

  • Tailgate switch

  • Back up alarm

Section 8 Safety Equipment & Body Lights

  • Body side door hydraulic kill switch

  • Arms/forks above height indicator

  • Tailgate Open Warning

  • Back up alarm

  • Back up camera system

  • Warning Decals

  • Top body access ladder

  • Hopper access ladder

  • Rear warning flashers

  • Front flashers

  • Mid body turn lights

  • Tailgate stop tail and turn lights

  • ICC Bumper

  • Tool box

  • Back up system

  • Auto lube system

Unit pictures

  • Front

  • Street side

  • Curb side

  • Tailgate


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