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Leadership Check

  • Are you doing a leadership check in Production or Slicing ?


  • Has there been any safety incidents for shift so far ?

  • Check PCF Paperwork - has the line been running within specification so far ? Initial each set of paperwork along with the time you checked it.

  • Check Prep area - is all paperwork filled out, is traceability book completed ? Initial and add time when you check it.

  • Check Line 2 Toppings traceability book , is it completed and initial and add time when you check it.

  • Product Type

  • Add Photo

  • Is the Production area clean ?

  • What is actual dough Temperature ?

  • What is actual Prover Temp ?

  • What is dough Temp ?

  • Does the dough look and feel correct ?

  • Is the bake colour at target (reference product National visual standard)


  • Product Type

  • Add Photo

  • Is Checkweigher set to correct product ?

  • Is Checkweigher rejecting Underweight Product ? Confirm with test.

  • Is Metal Detector rejecting Test pieces ? Confirm with test.

  • Were metal detector test pieces allowed to be rejected into locked bin?

  • Is actual Date Code correct on Bag/Kwik Lok / Inner ?

  • Is the packaging correct for product ?

  • Is the integrity of the Packaging okay ?

  • Is the slice count correct for the product?

  • Record Slice Count

  • Are Standards available on the line ?

  • Is product conveyor system exiting the cooler setup correctly ? If guides not setup as per markings please annotate reason .

  • 20200629_070233.jpg
  • Centre guide should be lined up with black mark. Side guides should be as per photo.

  • Name/Signature of person checking.

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