• Are the health, safety and environmental risks on this work covered by the documentation you have received, and are control measures in the Operational Instructions / Routine Schedules?

  • Have you read and understood the documentation to ensure you are aware of the risk control measures?

  • Is there a completed Emergency Plan in place?


  • Do you know who is in charge on site?

  • Is there safe access / egress to the working site?

  • Are all people on site capable of undertaking the work they have been asked to do?

Plant / Equipment

  • Do you have the right plant and equipment for the task to be carried out?

  • Are you qualified to use the plant and have approved training

  • Has a relevant GN0 form been completed and have you applied control measures?

  • If lifting or winching is required, have you got a lifting and/or winching plan?

  • If you are working in the vicinity of underground / overhead services, are necessary control measures in place?

  • Are appropriate controls in place to manage the risks of using plant and equipment

Environmental Considerations

  • Do you know how to manage waste materials and hazardous substances applicable to this work? i.e. COSHH, Waste Transfer.

  • If relevant, are control measures in place to manage the risks of low oxygen levels and silt disturbance?

  • If the work to be carried out is in, or could affect, a designated conservation area, do you have the necessary permission to proceed? i.e. FRB / NEAS approval

  • Are weather and ground conditions suitable? i.e. no adverse weather increasing any risk on site

  • Are you satisfied with the Health safety and environmental controls? i.e. no concerns about the work you are being asked to carry out?

If all answers are Yes then work can go ahead. If not have a rethink of the work, is there another way to do the work safely? If so do it. If there is something missing or the work cannot be done safely consult field team leader.

  • STOP ---> THINK ---> ACT

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Briefing sheet

Training and subject

  • Type of training

  • Refresher

  • Skill

  • Toolbox Talk

  • Other

  • Subject

  • Training given by:

  • Attendance on:

Signing Sheet

  • Signing Sheet

  • Person
  • Attendee

  • Trade / Status

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