• Date:

  • Time:

  • Issued by: (Centre Representative)

  • Hot Works Issued to: Company name:

  • Person carrying out the works:

  • Phone Number:

  • GPT representative approving the works:

  • Isolations Required

1. Sprinklers in service (if installed)

  • Fire extinguisher in date and ready for use if required

2. Within Scope of Works

  • Floors swept clean of combustibles (10 metre clearance to be maintained)

    If answering no please include reason and photos

  • Combustible floors wet down, covered with damp sand, metal or other shields

  • No combustible material or flammable liquids (10 metre clearance to be maintained).

  • All wall and floor openings covered

  • Covers suspended around work to collect sparks

3. If works on all walls and ceilings

  • Construction is non-combustible and without combustible coverings

  • Combustibles on other side of walls or ceiling has been removed or moved away

4. Enclosed spaces

  • If work on enclosed equipment (tanks, containers, ducts, dust collectors, etc.) enclosed space precautions taken include purging of flammable liquids and vapours.

5. Fire watch

  • To be provided during and 1 hour after operation.

  • Equipped with and trained in the use of the extinguisher/s and small hose

  • Understanding of centre fire alarm system and manual activation


  • Date:

  • Time:

  • 1. Work area and all adjacent areas where the sparks might have spread were inspected for at least 1 hour after the work was completed and no fire conditions were noted.

    If no please list reason why.

  • 2. Hose reels/ extinguishers returned to correct locations and property secured.

  • 3. Extinguishers Discharged

  • 4. All discharged cylinders to be returned to GiG Operations manager

  • Security Guard

  • GiG Operations manager

  • All completed Hot Works to be sent to Paul Poiser or manager that has arranged the works for GIG Operations Manager

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