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  • Personnel

  • Are all products labelled appropriately? Grower name, product at weight identified?

  • Are there any new suppliers?

  • Do you have a current supplier list?


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  • Is there enough soap and paper towel in the hand wash area?

  • Any issues with staff hygiene?


  • Do any staff require training?

  • Any new staff?

Pest control

  • Record action of all bait stations

  • Any pest sightings?

  • undefined

  • Switch item

  • Are all MSDS' current?

  • Any new equipment?

  • Are any calibrations due?

Foreign objects

  • Are the glass and foreign objects register current?

  • Are all items in good condition?

  • Any items in food handling area that can be removed?


  • Any allergens on site?

  • Are allergens controlled appropriately?


  • Does any cleaning need to be done?

  • Are the toilets clean?

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  • Do the toilets have paper towel and liquid hand soap available?

Monitoring Forms

    equipment element
  • Have all monitoring forms been completed?

  • Form 1 - 24/6/15

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