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HALAL Certification Audit

HALAL Policy

  • The site shall have access to parmalat's HALAL policy (QA-018). <br><br>This policy shall be rolled out to all staff and include<br>* the commitment to supply halal certified products <br>* source products that are inherently halal or from halal approved suppliers<br>* halal products will be prepared, processed an stored following the halal standard<br>* continuous improvement activities focused on reviewing an improving halal procedures

Management Team

  • Has the site developed a multi disciplinary team to manage halal requirements <br><br>Each team member shall have clear defined duties and responsibilities <br><br>Training of these team members shall be conducted at least annually with the training competencies retained.

  • Has the site conducted awareness training for all staff involved in the manufacture of halal products <br>(Qa national / management systems / halal information)

Approved Suppliers

  • Raw materials must be sourced from either naturally or certified halal suppliers<br><br>The site shall review supplier halal certification on a yearly basis - this shall be incorporated in the yearly traceability exercise.

Finished Products

  • The site shall develop a list of halal approved products with all their associated ingredients and processing aids.

  • The sites traceability system shall be challenged yearly on halal certified products - including all raw inputs

Management Review

  • The site shall have a management review meeting at least annual to review an the halal scope. Meeting minutes an actions shall be distributed to all respective parties

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