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  • Hi viz helmet, chaps, boots in good condition?

  • First aid kit belt?

  • Carrying RT?

  • Minimum of 4 wedges and hammer?

  • All safety devices on saw present & working?

Check last 10 stumps

  • Scarf size 1/3-1/4 of tree's diameter?

  • No over cuts top or bottom of scarf?

  • Back cuts at correct height?

  • Approx. 10% of tree diameter?

  • Wing cuts correctly placed?

  • Stump height minimised?

  • Draw wood less than 10cm?

  • Hinge wood of correct width approx. 10% of tree diameter?

Pre start checks

  • Tailgate felling plan signed?

  • 2 tree length distance determined?

  • Makes sure felling signs/road control in place?

  • Checks area for hazards?

  • Selects practical spot to open up?

  • 2 tree lengths from ropes?

Selects & prepares tree

  • Eliminates hazards, e.g. dead spars/large punga

  • Check for hang ups?

  • Clears vegetation around base of trees so top can be seen?

  • Assesses the tree for lean, wind direction & hazards?

  • Clear lower branches by working in a clockwise direction?

  • Clears around tree and cuts?

  • Escape route located on safest side?

Takes up position to scarf

  • Uses good body position?

  • When practicable, all felling cuts are made in the kneeling position?

  • Scarf cut to correct angles/diameter?

  • Checks for overcuts?

  • Wing cuts correctly placed?

Execute back cut

  • Wedges are available?

  • Uses correct cuts for all situations encountered?

  • Back cuts started correctly?

  • Inserts wedges in correct position before cut closes?

  • Strikes wedges correctly?

  • Observes top of tree?

  • Final cut from safe side?

  • Maintains sufficient holding wood?

  • Moves along escape route to safe position as tree starts to fall?

  • Rechecks canopy for hazards?

If tree is to be driven

  • Correct assessment of driver tree?

  • Pre plans & prepares both trees?

  • RT call in to notify start of drive?

  • Ensure wedge is used?

  • Leaves adequate holding wood?

  • Moves along escape route & observes driver tree falling?

  • Drive completed RT call?

  • RT call for observer if require, e.g. unsuccessful drive?

Wind throw cutting

  • Assesses hazards, makes a plan?

  • Assesses tension of stem/direction of root plate fall before cutting?

  • Work area cleared & escape route cut & cleared?

  • RT call in before cutting?

  • Uses correct step/bore cuts?

  • Cutting completed RT call?

  • Not working under hang ups?

  • Corrective Action Taken

  • Corrective action
  • Date corrective action taken

  • Details of corrective action

  • Employee who completed corrective action

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