Retail services

Are there sensitive risk groups in the retail sector like: night workers, young persons and pregnant women?


Have you carried out a risk assessment before employing a child (under 16) or young person(16 or over but less than 18yrs) taking into account their lack of experience, absence of awareness of potential risks or lack of maturity?


Have you carried out a night work risk assessment?

Have you taken appropriate steps, if any, to protect the safety & health of a night/ shift worker?


Have you assessed any specific risks to a pregnant employee to ensure that she is not exposed to anything in the workplace that will damage either her safety or health or that of her developing child?

If there are specific risks, have you put measures in place to ensure exposure to the risk is avoided for pregnant employee?


Is there a written bullying prevention policy?

Have staff been made aware of the policy?

Do staff have access to this policy?


Are staff trained to deal with aggression/ violence?

Have you reduced the amount of available cash using time locked safes etc?

Have you a private area for counting/managing cash?

Have you a system in place to deter violence e.g. signs/security/surveillance equipment?

Have you means of raising the alarm?

Have you a system in place for lone workers?

Do staff vary routes/times to bank?

Have you identified higher risk times & put extra precautions in place?


Are staff provided with information on any chemicals they may use?

Are they aware not to mix chlorine bleaches with other chemicals?

Do they have appropriate personal protective equipment(PPE) e.g. gloves, masks, aprons?

Are cleaning agents stored safely away?

Are safety data sheets available (SDS’s)?


Are suitable gloves provided for handling frozen surfaces and products?

Is there proper storage to avoid excessive bending, twisting or reaching?

Are there means of opening a cold room door from the inside?

If locked at night, is there a procedure to ensure no one is trapped inside?


Are leads and sockets regularly checked for wear & fraying?

Do you have a Residual Current Device(RCD)?

Are all RCD’s tested every 6 months?

Have you investigated causes for trip switches if they are activated?


Is rubbish removed frequently?

Are escape routes clear?

Are emergency exits unlocked?

Do emergency exits open outwards?

Are fire extinguishers provided?

Are fire extinguishers maintained?

Are staff aware of procedure in event of fire?

Are fire drills carried out at least twice/year?

Can disabled persons be evacuated safely?


Is suitably marked & easily accessible 1st Aid equipment provided?

Are first aid boxes checked and maintained regularly?

Is a qualified 1st aider available or suitable arrangements made with neighboring premises?

Are names, addresses & telephone numbers of local emergency services clearly displayed?


Is there a designated area for loading/ unloading?

Is this area blocked off from pedestrians until loading is complete?

Are timber pallets checked regularly for defects?

Are staff trained in the use of pallet trucks?

If forklift trucks are used, is there a trained FLT (forklift) Driver?

Is FLT certified?


Does all machinery have guards in place (e.g. slices/mincers)?

Do staff know to unplug or isolate equipment before cleaning or maintaining it?

Are compactor safety interlock switches operating to prevent access while in operation?

Are compactors located away from the public?

Are employees instructed in risks and correct use of all machinery?


Have you carried out a risk assessment of remaining manual handling tasks?

Can large loads be broken down into acceptable weights?

Have you provided lifting aids such as trolleys, pallet trucks, lifts etc for necessary manual handling tasks?

Have you arranged storage areas so twisting, turning and overreaching is minimized?

Have you minimized the need to reach above shoulder height?

Have you minimized tasks involving awkward postures?


Are aisles, stairs, and working areas kept clear?

Are trailing cables rerouted or tied down?

Have you a system in place for cleaning spillages immediately?

Is flooring in good condition?

Are adequate levels of lighting provided and maintained?


Are boxes stored safely to prevent objects falling or collapsing?

Are there safe means of transporting goods between floors?

Are there safe means to access goods e.g. platform steps?

Is racking/storage shelving secure, stable & suitable to prevent risk of material falling?

Is racking system inspected regularly?


Are comfortable temperatures maintained – a minimum of 16c for light work, 17.5c for sedentary office work?

Is sufficient fresh air provided?

Are adequate sanitary and washing facilities provided?

Are there suitable and adequate facilities for taking meals and boiling water?

Is there an adequate supply of potable drinking water?

Do you provide seating where employees can sit as well as stand to do work?


Has a risk assessment been carried out for work related stress?


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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.