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Empty Drums

  • Separated by type?

  • Bungs and Covers Available?

  • Drums stacked properly?

Hazardous Waste

  • Drums properly labeled and clean?

  • Have drums been checked for leaks or corrosion?

  • Lids and bungs properly affixed?

  • Drum in good condition to be shipped?

  • What is the earliest accumulation date?

  • Total number of drums stored

General Area

  • Are secondary containment drains closed and locked?

  • Is area clear and clean of debris?

  • Is proper signage in place?

Emergency Response Equipment

  • One CO2 extinguisher available?

  • Two spark-proof shovels available?

  • Two push brooms available?

  • Ten bags of absorbent available?

  • Six pairs of goggles available?

  • Six face shields available?

  • Six pairs of gloves available?

  • Six pairs of boots available?

  • One fire axe available?

  • Six squeegees available?

  • Two straight hoes available?

  • First Aid Kit and Eye Wash Station available?

  • Are emergency contact and phone numbers correct and posted?

  • Is phone in good working order?

Lab Used Oil Waste Tank

  • Liquid Level?

  • Has calibrated stick reading been completed?

  • When was calibrated stick reading completed?

  • Tape reading at tank after calibration was completed?

Universal Waste

  • Number of Universal Waste containers?

  • What is the earliest accumulation date?

  • Type of waste?

Audit Completion

  • Matthew Dempster

  • Tiffany Crosby

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