Housekeeping - Including Slips, Trips and Falls

  • Is debris and waste on the floors kept to a minimum and actively tidied

  • Are Drain Covers in place?

  • Are Hoses Hung up correctly?

  • Is Lighting all serviceable, no dark working areas?

  • Is Product & Pallet Storage/Work equipment storage sufficient and provide sufficient working space?

  • Are Stairwell Access & Egress and walkway steps and handrails in good order

  • Is water use in area kept to a minimum and any build-up clear up.


  • Are PPE Signage/Safety Signage in good condition? not peeling/falling off. Legible and located in all places required?


  • Are ALL entrances, emergency exits clear, unobstructed & properly signed?

  • Are ALL external & Internal extinguishers & call points clear, unobstructed & untampered with?


  • Are first aid kits, Burn Kits in location, fully stocked? and accessible with tags intact?

  • Are Eye wash stations in location and solution in date and not opened?


  • Is waste being segregated correctly, and bags are not being overloaded?

  • Are Spill Kits in location and sealed, with contents replenished if used.


  • Are FLT's/EPT's in good condition and with no damage and are all charging areas clear and free from debris with chargers sited safely? (not on pallets).

  • Have all operational FLT's/EPT's had pre-start checks completed and any issues reported?

  • Are FLT's /EPT's being driven safely and with consideration for any pedestrians working in the area?

  • Are pallet trucks in good condition and being used correctly

  • Are keys removed from unattended FLT's/EPT's

  • Ask operator why?

  • Are all guards in place on equipment & electrical cabinets closed?

  • Are Blades locked away when not in use - including slicer doors being closed & locked?

  • Is the correct PPE available and being used for handling blades.


  • Is the chemical compound tidy with all IBC's bunded and no chemicals stored outside of it?

  • Are chemicals stored correctly in the work place with correct labelling, and in locked cages/carts when not in use?

  • Are all employees & visitors wearing correct PPE where appropriate - Hi-Vis, Safety Boots etc. (Check 3 at random)

  • Are ear defenders being worn correctly and in good order in the areas they are required.

  • Is PPE stored correctly and in good condition, do boots have adequate tread depth and is visitor PPE available.

  • Is the correct PPE being used when handling/using chemicals?

  • Are Freezer units free of build up of ice?

  • Do freezer units have adequate lighting and trapped man alarm is working (Test) plunger escape button.

  • Are walkways clearly segregated for pedestrians and vehicles.

  • Is the pallet yard tidy and clear with all items stacked safely?

  • Is the compactor area clear and tidy and free from any spilled food waste?

  • Are all outside areas clear and tidy and free from trip hazards?

  • Is the smoking area clear and tidy and are all smokers within it's confines?

  • Is the Dry store clear and tidy with all stock correctly stored. Is racking suitably signed with correct weights?

  • Are all vehciles parked safely and in their designated places?


  • Additional Notes

  • This audit must be completed & the HSE Manager informed

  • Auditors signature

  • Managers Name

  • Managers Signature

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