• LMS Audit - Health and Safety

  • Plant audited

  • Conducted on

  • Auditors

  • 670 Health and Safety

670.1 Documentation

  • Is the documentation validated conform ?

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  • Procedures: 750-PRC-0008
    Instructions: -
    Forms/validation: See the DMS Complete Document lIst to verify the revision of 5 documents
    BRC REF: Section 3.1,3.2.1, section 3.3

670.2 Training

  • Is the training up to date according to training plan ? Validate the training for 5 employees (position, GMP´s, allergens, etc.)

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  • Procedure: 150-PRC-0001
    Instructions: 150-INS-0009
    Forms/validation: 150-FRM-0003 to 150-FRM-0018,
    BRC REF: 1.1.5, section 7.1

670.3 non-conformities raised during the last audit are corrected adequately?

  • Validate the last audit´s CAR. Are they solved? Mesures in place to prevent the situation to appen again are effective? Action plan submit for long term CAR?

670.4 Specific Procedures

  • 670.4.1 Technical sheets conformity<br>

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  • Is Technical Sheets of all chemical products (sanitation and maintenance) are available and up to date?

    Instructions: -
    Forms/validation :
    BRC REF:
  • 670.4.2 Miscellaneous<br><br><br><br>

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  • Choose 2 or 3 documents in the list and audit them. On site verify how we control those programs and procedures. See the minute for the meeting of the health and safety commitee. Is the frequency respected?
    Procedure: 670-PRC-0001 to 670-PRC-0004 and 670-RGL-0001
    Instruction: 670-INS-0001 à 670-INS-0052
    Forms/ validation: 670-FRM-0001 à 670-FRM-0059
    BRC REF : -
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