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Fire hazards

  • Is the sub-flooring made of concrete or non-combustible material?

  • Does the sub-flooring have drainage

  • Are walls and ceiling non-combustible and do they trim away from fire sources?

  • Are doors, partitions and framing made of metal?

  • Are emergency exits and evacuation routes clearly identified and revised annually?

  • Are there regular fire drills (at least once every year)

  • Are operators assigned specific individual responsibilities in case of a fire? Are certain employees assigned as fire drill coordinators (employee countdown)

  • Do the facilities have fire and smoke detecting equipements? And are they tested regularly?

  • Are there several strategically located fire alarm stations?

  • Are there enough manual fire fighting equipments? (Such as portable extinguishers for electrical fires and other types of fire)

  • Can emergency crews reach the facility quickly?

  • The sprinkler shutoff valves in clearly marked secure locations? Do the employee's know where these valves are?

  • Is there a procedure or mechanism for positive identification of who was in the building when the fire broke out and who is now outside of the building?

  • Do all the numeric door access pads deactivate when the fire alarm is triggered and when the evacuation plan is launched?

  • Is the sonor level of the fire alarm sufficient in all departments? (loud enough?)

  • Is the distance between the sprinklers and the top of the pallets in storage sufficient? Are the sprinklers clear of any obstacles?

Water hazard

  • Is the upper ceiling constructed in order to let the water reach the drains and gutters

  • Are water main shutoff valves clearly identified and placed in secure locations? (need a code to enter the zone)

  • Is the staff trained on where to find shutoff valves (they know the code, storage of keys...)

  • Water emergency drills are practiced once every year

Security inspection for outside of the facility

  • Is the roof sufficiently sealed and well constructed to prevent high winds from splitting it open? Any apparent damages to the roof?

  • Is grading around the exterior of the facility constructed to conduct water away from the building?

  • Can someone get to the facility without taking the main road. Can someone hide nearby and monitor the activity of the facility?

  • Is the perimeter secure and covered by the cctv system (cameras)

Lighting inspection

  • Is there an emergency lighting system which automatically activates when the main lighting fails?

  • Is the emergency lighting system tested periodically

  • Are there additionnal light sources placed strategically around the plant? (Flashlights) do the employee's know where they are?

  • Are the office lights wired to ensure security night lights (ex: every 10nth fluorescent panel stays open 24/7)

Access inspection

  • Is access to the computer and server and telecom room restricted to selected personnel

  • Are all exterior windows near street level covered with metal grills?

  • If windows are taped for intrusion detection are they operational?

  • Is access from a loading dock controled?

  • Are doors locked during the evening,night,weekends,holidays?

  • If motion detection systems are installed in order to prevent someone from breaking in, are they operational?

Visitor control

  • Are all visitors accompanied at all times

  • Are all unacompanied visitors challenged by staff?

  • Are keys,combination locks and other security devices installed and used to control visitor access?

  • Can a single individual be prevented from gaining access to the data center without a security guard or employee knowing about it?

  • Is there a round the clock watch patrol going through/around the facility?

  • Are the internal doors and passageways free of all obstructions

  • Are internal aisles wide,straight and without obstructions

  • Do all access doors open fully and freely?

  • Are critical files under lock and key limit access?

  • Are all emergency exits wired to sound alarms when opened?

Bulletin boards

  • Is all material on bulletin boards periodically inspected to remove obsolete information? (Safety exits,fire hazard procedures...)

  • Are all confidential data kept off the bulletin boards? (Recipe's, company income...)

Server and telecom rooms

  • Are the server and telecom rooms constructed of fire resistant and non combustible material?

  • Is the data center placed far from potential sources of fire such as power cables and various paper documentation?

  • Is the furniture in the server/telecom room made of metal?

  • Is there a smoke detector and alarm in the telecom and server rooms?

  • Is there an easily accessible extinguisher in the server and telecom rooms?

  • Are drains installed on the floor above to divert water from the telecom and server rooms?

  • Is there an A/C system dedicated to exclusive use by each of the telecom and server rooms?

  • Are there portable fans for emergency use to move air into the server and telecom rooms from adjacent areas in case of A/C failure?

  • Are there temperature and humidity monitoring devices in the telecom and server rooms?

  • Is the roof over the telecom and server rooms water tight?

  • Does the server and telecom room have a dedicated power supply? (Seperated from all other users in the building)

Cctv system ( closed circuit television)

  • Has closed-circuit television been installed to cover:<br>Critical computer equipments (server and telecom rooms)<br>Access routes<br>Critical storage areas<br>A/C and Plumbing system<br>External access<br>Hallways and exits from washrooms

  • If sound monitoring systems are installed, to locate and listen to sounds, are they operational?

  • If there is a CCTV System. Are key personnel assigned to monitor?

  • Are there any areas that are not covered by cameras?

  • Are only supervisors allowed to use cctv systems?

Employee store

  • Is there a store procedure to prevent any stealing?

  • Is there any verifications on quantity of items bought each day versus the quantity of money made?

  • Are there cameras in the employee store room? Are subcontractors followed when they go to the employee store?

Other security issues to verify

  • Do employee's know what to do in case of a burglary,bomb threat,terrorist act?

  • Are the door hinges welded to the pins in order to prevent removal?

  • Are door frames solidly anchored to the walls?

  • Are the safety devices regularly inspected by an authorized official? (Hoses,sprinklers,extinguishers...)

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