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  • RSPO - audit : facility level (see internal instruction 750-INS-0104 for more information)

5.4 Purchasing and goods in

  • 5.4.1 The site receiving RSPO certified oil palm products shall ensure that the products are verified as being RSPO certified. For sites that are required to announce and confirm trades in the RSPO IT platform, this shall include making Shipping Announcements and Shipping Confirmations on the RSPO IT platform on the level of each shipment. Refer to section 5.7.1 of this document for further guidance.

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  • At receiving desk, the person who receive the RSPO certified ingredient should make sure that the ingredient is identified as "RSPO certified" on the supplier document as well as on our PO.
    Usually this information follows the product name like : palm oil RSPO-MB for example.
    He can also look at the name of the ingredient appearing on ingredient's case to make sure all matches together.
  • 5.4.2 The site shall have a mechanism in place for handling non-conforming material and/or documents.

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  • If we find out that the product we are receiving does not match what we are supposed to receive, the person in charge have to react and call the laboratory to say that the product is not what it is suppose to be and then the product must be placed on hold to make sure we will not use it.
    (Need to apply the Non-conform Product Control procedure 750-PRC-0007)
    (example ; no identification on the supplier paperwork when we are supposed to receive a RSPO_MB certified oil based on our PO),

5.9 Record keeping

  • 5.9.1 The site shall maintain accurate, complete, up-to-date and accessible records and reports covering all aspects of these RSPO Supply Chain Certification requirements

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  • All information about product receiving, reception documentation, Certificate of Analysis received, receiving record of a lot done by QC in SAP, technical data sheet of the ingredient, PO of an ingredient, transportation log, inventory management, formula using the RSPO certified Ingredient, Reports received every 3 months by plant manager, qc manager, inventory manager, etc...should be maintain accurate, and accessible.

C.3 Processing

  • C.3.1 The site shall ensure that the quantity of physical RSPO mass balance material inputs and outputs (volume or weight) at the physical site are monitored.

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  • This can be verified by doing a mass balance exercise to see if we have received enough quantity of RSPO oil to produce a finished product that contains RSPO certified oil. Check Inventory to see quantity of RSPO oil available before this production : quantity of oil used during this production and quantity of oil remaining after the production.
  • C.3.2 The site shall ensure that the output of RSPO mass balance material supplied to customers from the physical site does not exceed the input of RSPO certified material received at the physical site, using either a continuous accounting system or a fixed inventory period.

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  • This can be demonstrate by tracking a lot of finished products that use RSPO oil, demonstrate how much finished products were made, where they were delivered. Need also to demonstrate how much oil was used for manufactured the product and how much oil of that lot was received by the facility.
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