• LMS Audit - Production

  • Plant audited

  • Conducted on

  • Auditors :

  • 650- Production

650.1 Documentation

  • Is the documentation reviewed conform ?

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  • Procedures: 750-PRC-0008
    Instructions: -
    Forms/validation: See the DMS Complete Document list to verify the revision of 5 documents
    BRC REF: Section 3.1,3.2.1, section 3.3

650.2 Training

  • Is the training up to date according to training plan ? Validate the training for 5 employees (position, GMP´s, allergens, etc.)

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  • Is temporary production worker trained according to Good Manufacturing Practices?
    Procedure: 150-PRC-0001
    Instructions: 910-TRN-0001
    Forms/validation: 150-FRM-0003, 150-FRM-0057, integration plans
    BRC REF: 1.1.5, section 7.1, 7.4.1

650.3 Non-conformities raised during the last audit are corrected adequately?

  • Validate the last audit´s CAR. Are they solved? Measures in place, to prevent the situation to happen again, effective? Action plan submitted for long term CAR?

650.4 Specific Procedures

  • 650.4.1 Data's measure and analysis : control in production

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  • Are measures, analysis and control in production adequate and done according to the planned frequency? Are packaging controls adequate and done according to the planned frequency (Sealing, identification, weight)? Is overweight reduction is followed on a regular basis against fixed objectives? How the tare weights are verified? How min and max weight are sets?

    Procedure: 750-PRC-0005
    Instructions: -
    Forms/validation : SAP
    BRC REF: Section 6.1 and 6.2
  • 650.4.2 Waste management

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  • Are wastes or rework re-use only in compatible products? (See compatibility charts)?
    Are wastes or rework identified and stored adequately?
    Is the rework turnover made?
    Is the rework traceability assured?
    Is product intended for animal feed segregated from waste and protected from contamination during storage?

    Procedure: -
    Instruction: -
    Forms/ validation: 650-FRM-0009 to 650-FRM-0012, 650-FRM-0076, 650-FRM-0140, 650-FRM-0141, 650-FRM-0066, 650-FRM-0146
    BRC REF : 4.13.3, 5.2.5, 3.9.3
  • 650.4.3 Production planning Process<br>

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  • Allergen management to validate. Sanitation needs. Raw material needs validation

    Procedure : 750-PRC-0004 (section 2)
    Instruction : -
    Forms/ validation : -
    BRC REF: -
  • 650.4.4 Identification and traceability<br>

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  • Stock rotation, ingredients identification, work in progress and finish products, in production , in storage/ warehouse, consumption

    Procedures : 750-PRC-0003
    Instructions : 750-INS-0007
    Forms/validation: Production posters
    BRC REF : -
  • 650.4.5 Control in production<br>

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  • Go on site to see how controls are made. Take any instruction and validate that instructions are followed (formula, sampling, data collection, etc.). Are frequency's respected?

    Procedures : 750-PRC-0005 (point 3)
    Instructions : 650-INS-0001 to 650-INS-0148
    Forms/validation: SAP, 650-FRM-0001 to 650-FRM-0008 and 650-FRM-0011 to 650-FRM-0172
    BRC REF : Section 6.1 and 6.2
  • 650.4.6 Cleanliness plant validation<br>

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  • Verify the order, cleanliness and general appearance in production zones. Is 6S system applied and maintained?
    Procedures : -
    Instructions : -
    Forms/validation: -
    BRC REF : 4.8.1 to 4.8.3, 4.8.6, 4.8.7 to 4.8.9, section 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 (+calibration certificate)
  • 650.4.7 Operator's pre-op, changover and line clearance conformity<br>

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  • Are food contact surfaces pre-op inspections done and adequately documented in SAP? Is it done every start up shift and at changeovers? Validate how they do their inspection.

    Procedures : -
    Instructions : 750-INS-0108
    Forms/validation: SAP, 710-FRM-0217, 710-FRM-0218, 710-FRM-0219, 710-FRM-0220
    BRC REF : -
  • 650.4.8 Product contamination risks validation on site

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  • Are there food contamination risks (foreign bodies, insects, chemical products)? Validate the knife blade sharpening and the metallic object pre-op inspection. Validate if wood contamination can occur (pallet, tool handle, etc.)

    Procedures : -
    Instructions : 750-INS-0038 750-INS-0032
    Forms/validation: 650-FRM-0138
    BRC REF :,,
  • 650.4.9 GMP's / Employee's Manual

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  • Validate all subject discussed in the employee's manual (interview employees). Validate is plaster is warned on a hand if the hand is covered by a glove. Wearing jewelry? If medic alert chain validate with production manager if the employee is authorized (FRM-750-0175 and 0176) . Validate that facility shoes are not worn outside (exception in smoking zone).

    Procedures : -
    Instructions : 750-INS-0003
    Forms/validation: -
    BRC REF : 4.8.5, 5.3.4, 7.1.1, 7.2.1 to 7.2.3 and 7.2.5, section 7.3, 7.4.1, 4.11.5
  • 650.4.10 Allergen Control

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  • Is the Allergen Control Program effective? ( See planning, cleaning, reworked products, identification, storage, employees routes, containers, aprons)

    Procedures : -
    Instructions : 750-INS-0011
    Forms/validation: -
    BRC REF: -
  • 650.4.11 Production Planning and Control

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  • Validate the procedure is followed

    Procedures : 750-PRC-0004 (section 2.2)
    Instructions : 750-INS-0002
    Forms/validation: 350-PRC-0001, 750-PRC-0005, 820-PRC-0001, 750-PRC-0003, 150-PRC-0001
    BRC REF : 3.8.1
  • 650.4.12 Employee's store and Food Donations

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  • Customer branded sold to staff or passed on to charities, consent of the owner should be in file.

    Procedures : 750-PRC-0007 (section 8)
    Instructions : 750-INS-0002
    BRC REF : 4.13.2
  • 650.4.13 Certification or specific program

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  • What needs to be done by production regarding certification or specific programs (gluten-free, peanut-free, organic, etc.)?

    Procedures : 750-PRC-0010
    Instructions : 750-INS-0011, 750-INS-0020, 750-INS-0023, 750-INS-0104, 750-INS-0105, 750-INS-0110
    BRC REF : 5.3.7
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