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Disclaimer & Confidentiality Statement


  • The consultants believe the information contained within this report to be correct at the time of printing. The consultants do not accept responsibility for any consequences arising from the use of the information herein. The report is based on matters which were observed or came to the attention of the consultant(s) during the day(s) of the site visit and should not be relied upon as an exhaustive record of all possible risks or hazards that may exist or potential improvements that can be made.

Confidentiality Statement

  • In order to maintain the integrity and credibility of the processes and to protect the parties involved, it is understood that the consultant will not divulge to unauthorised persons any information obtained unless legally obligated to do so.

Audit Introduction

  • The purpose of this audit is to verify the validity and integrity of the health and safety management system, to identify good practice and to identify areas in need of further development. The results of this audit will draw its conclusions based upon information given by employees and documentary evidence in place at the time of the audit.

Executive Summary

  • The company‚Äôs overall health and safety compliance is measured and reflected in the overall summary score of %. This score is reflective of an organisation that has major deficiencies over a broad range of areas indicating significant lack of control and leaving the safety management system open to system failure. Senior management need to address these deficiencies and ensure they are rectified as soon as is reasonably practicable.
    It must be noted that management are fully committed to ensuring the organisation is legally compliant and they are committed to driving a positive culture of health and safety throughout the site.

    In order to comply with the foremost requirements of health and safety legislation, management should action the recommendations that have been highlighted in this report. It is recommended that the recommendations are addressed in order of priority as stated.


Significant Findings

  • All significant findings are detailed in the Action Plan below, these are PRIORITY issues and it is strongly recommended that Senior Management act upon these in line with the prioritised recommendations to ensure legal compliance. Prioritising actions should be done according to the level of risk they pose, a risk based control plan should involve effort and urgency proportional to the risk.
    The recommended timescales for taking action on the matters identified in this Audit Report will depend on the urgency of the need to address the situations outlined below. Each item contains a priority rating as defined below:

    Timescales Action Guide.png



  • Is there an up to date asbestos survey on the premises which is always available?

  • Have all contractors and others where appropriate read and signed the asbestos register?

  • Has the asbestos management plan been developed and regularly reviewed?


  • Are all hazardous substances correctly labelled and suitably stored?


  • Has portable appliance testing been undertaken in accordance with HSE's INDG 236?

  • Are procedures in place for the maintenance of fixed electrical installations by a competent person?

  • Are mains isolation switches/taps easily accessible and the locations known by appropriate staff?

  • Are all electrical sockets cables and fittings maintained in a safe condition?

  • Are there sufficient wall socket outlets and no excessive use of extension leads/adapters?

  • Are modifications or alterations carried out by a competent person?

  • Are all electrical control panels securely locked?


  • Are fire drills carried out at least annually (or in accordance with FRA recommendations) and recorded?

  • Is key fire information kept in an accessible location and regularly maintained to hand over to the Fire and Rescue Service?

  • Has the fire alarm been serviced annually?

  • Has the fire alarm been tested weekly?

  • Has emergency lighting been serviced annually?

  • Is emergency lighting tested monthly?

  • Is a current fire risk assessment available and have significant findings been actioned?

  • Have all fire extinguishers been serviced within the last 12 months?

  • If smoking is permitted on premises is it adequately managed?

  • Are fire exits, doors and routes clearly marked and kept free from obstructions?

  • Are combustible/flammable waste and materials suitably stored?

  • Are there established procedures for removing waste at regular intervals?

  • Are electric convector heaters kept clear of obstructions?

First Aid

  • Are there sufficient numbers of trained first aiders/appointed persons to administer first aid at all times?

  • Is someone appointed to regularly maintain the content of the first aid boxes?

  • Does the recording of accident data comply with GDPR requirements?

  • Where premises are shared, are the responsibilities clear for all building users and everyone understands their role in an emergency situation?

  • Are first aid boxes (and defibrillator) checked at regular intervals to ensure kits are fully stocked in accordance with the requirements of current First Aid Regulations and all items are within expiry dates?

  • Are first aid boxes kept in accessible places (including vehicles)?

  • Are accidents and incidents investigated, findings documented and communicated?

  • Are all accidents investigated to identify the root cause?

  • Are accident investigations documented?


  • Are gas appliances regularly inspected by an approved gas safe registered contractor and any faults rectified and records retained?

Health & Wellbeing

  • Is positive proactive action taken to support the well being of all employees?

  • Is a health surveillance programme in place?


  • Has a legionella survey been undertaken and regularly reviewed?

  • Are maintenance regimes in place and documented to suitably control legionella?


  • Has a health and safety audit been undertaken in the last 12 months and have significant findings been actioned?

  • Have all health and safety issues been resolved in the last 12 months opposed to being put on hold due to financial reasons?


  • Does the company have a written statement of intent?

  • Is the statement of intent accessible and communicated to all?

  • Has the statement of intent been signed within the last 12 months by the director/senior manager with overall responsibility for health and safety?

  • Are health and safety responsibilities of individual staff identified and documented within the job descriptions and/or within the organisation section of the health and safety policy?

  • Are all health and safety responsibilities communicated to all staff?

  • Does the site have trained/competent health and safety person(s) to advise on health and safety matters?

  • Does the company have safety procedures/arrangements specific to the site which relate to all significant risks?

  • Are all safety procedures (arrangements) reviewed annually?

  • Is the most recent statutory health and safety law poster displayed in a prominent position?

  • Are relevant insurance certificates displayed?

  • Are employees regularly consulted on health and safety changes within the business (hazards and controls), and is this documented within the arrangements?

  • Are there effective methods for communication at all levels of the business and what are they?

  • Is health and safety a regular agenda item at meetings?

  • Do you have a clear hazard reporting process and is this recorded?

Premises - general

  • Is a visual inspection regularly undertaken of the site internally and externally for obvious signs of damage and risk to safety and are results documented?

  • Is housekeeping of a good standard?

  • Is there adequate cleaning on the premises?

  • Are floors in good condition not excessively slippery and free of hazards likely to cause slips/ trips and falls?

  • Are fixtures and fittings secured where necessary and in a good condition?

  • Are windows and doors in a good condition and can be safely opened?

  • Is lighting and heating suitable for the activities taking place and maintained?

  • Is the general building structure in good condition?

  • Is access to drinking water available?

  • Is sufficient storage available for clothing and PPE?

  • Are facilities available for pregnant and nursing employees?

  • Are standard safety signs displayed where necessary and maintained?

  • Is the premises boundary clearly defined and are visitors guided to the entrance by clear signs?

  • Are measures taken to control unauthorised access to restricted areas?

  • Are suitable welfare facilities provided and maintained in a clean and efficient condition?

Premises - racking

  • Does all racking look in good condition, is free from any visible damage and are racking load notices displayed on the racking in prominent locations?

  • Has all racking been inspected by a competent person within the last 12 months and are records available?

  • Are internal racking inspections regularly undertaken and recorded?

Risk assessment

  • Have all risk assessments been carried out where required with regard to all business risks?

  • Have all risk assessments been regularly reviewed?

  • Has a competent person been appointed to carry out the risk assessments and have they received formal training in the risk assessment process?

  • Have risk assessments been undertaken for non routine activities?

  • Has a noise assessment been undertaken and recommendations implemented?

  • Is there suitable ventilation throughout and has air monitoring been undertaken where hazardous substances are airborne?

  • Is suitable PPE available for use when required?

  • Is suitable PPE identified within risk assessments when the risks cannot be controlled in more effective ways?

  • Has face fit testing been undertaken for applicable employees?

  • Have all additional recommended actions on risk assessments, statutory inspections, general inspections and accident investigations been addressed?


  • Has a training needs analysis been undertaken?

  • Has a training matrix been documented and is it up to date?

  • Have all staff received appropriate training (including H&S induction) and information to enable them to carry out their work activities safely?

  • Are staff records available for all health and safety training?


  • Are suitable arrangements in place for servicing, maintaining and insuring vehicles?

  • Are routine vehicle checks carried out and recorded?

  • Are keys removed from vehicles when not in use?

  • Is the driving of vehicles restricted to authorised drivers who are suitably qualified?

  • Are fork lift truck battery charging areas free from ignition sources?

  • Are forklift truck battery charging areas well ventilated?

  • Is suitable PPE available within forklift truck battery charging areas?

Work Equipment

  • Is there a pre planned preventative maintenance programme in place?

  • Is work equipment regularly inspected and maintained (inc vehicles)?

  • Are work equipment inspections documented?

  • Are all machines provided with adequate guarding of dangerous parts in accordance with recognised standards?

  • Are all machinery pre use inspections routinely carried out?

  • Are pre use machinery inspections documented?

  • Is suitable equipment provided for display screen equipment users?

  • Are all ladders to BS EN131 (professional) standard?

  • Are all ladders in good condition?

  • Are all ladders inspected on a formal basis and recorded?

  • Are pressure vessels maintained by a competent person in accordance with statutory guidance?

  • Are all items of lifting equipment inspected and maintained by a competent person in line with statutory guidance and recorded?

Control of Contractors

  • Does a responsible person monitor the activities of contractors working on site?

  • Are contractors' risk assessments and method statements obtained prior to significant works?

  • Is a contractors vetting procedure in place i.e. checking liability insurance?

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