• Mt Albert

  • Waitakere

  • Room

  • 114-3001

  • 114-3003

  • 114-3007

  • 114-3014;Prep Room

  • 114-3015

  • 510-2009

  • 510-2011 ;Prep Room

  • 510-2013


  • Have you read the last audit report?

  • No outstanding H &S issues and/or corrective actions arising from previous audits of the room that have not been addressed


2.1Eye Protection

  • Safety goggles available and in use

  • Safety glasses are available and in use.

  • Safety visor available


  • Nitrile rubber gloves (disposable) available

  • Heat resistant mitts available

  • Heat and chemical resistant gloves (neoprene dipped)

  • Respirators available and not expired

  • Disposable dust masks available and not expired

2.4 Protective clothing

  • Overalls available

  • Lab coats available and in use

3. Chemical storage and handling safety

  • CHEMICAL-spill kit supplies available and well stocked and appropriate for the amount and type of chemicals in the lab?

  • Gas cylinders properly secured, safety caps in place.

  • Food and beverages are not stored in laboratory area, refrigerators, or in glassware that is also used for laboratory operations.

4. Emergency preparedness

  • Emergency exit signs posted and clearly indicate direction of evacuation

  • Exits, emergency equipment, electrical panels & aisles clear of obstruction. No excess clutter present.

5. Emergency equipment

  • Appropriate fire extinguisher available within 30 feet and inspected annually

  • Fire hose conveniently in major corridor and is in use by date

  • Sprinkler system available and working

  • Gas stop tap OFF

  • Eye wash station in close proximity and unobstructed

  • Safety showers in close proximity and unobstructed

  • First aid kits are available

  • Contents of first aid kit checked and stocked by Unitec Pharmacy

6. Housekeeping

  • Sharps container available and is in use

  • Non - Sharps containers are available and is in use

  • Broken glass containers are available and in use

  • Heavy objects are confined to lower shelves

  • Brush set (long handled) is available

  • Mop & Bucket available

  • Dust pan & brush available

  • Laboratory storage areas are uncluttered, orderly and shelves over six feet are secured to prevent tipping.

  • Dirty lab coats are removed for laundering and are cleaned regularly.

  • Bench tops and under counters are clean, organized and workspaces maintained to eliminate harmful exposures or unsafe conditions or potential spills.

  • Benches only occupied by chemicals/equipment/resources in use

  • Storage of items on the floors is kept to the minimum

  • Step ladder available to reach items stored above shoulder level

  • All sinks are clean

  • Electrical switch panels unobstructed

  • Electrical equipment annually tested ( records in FSHS Asset register)

  • Room is generally clean and tidy

7. Special equipment

7.1 Fume Hood

  • Fume hoods are working properly, annually tested and certification sticker attached

  • Fume Hoods are not being used for excess storage

  • Fume hood is clean

  • Emergency switches are clearly identified.

7.2 Bio security cabinet

  • Cabinet is clean and free from clutter

  • Cabinet is inspected and certified within past 12 months

7.3 Refrigerators /Freezers

  • All refrigerators and freezers are appropriately labelled

  • -80degree Freezer cleaned monthly

7.4 Laminar Airflow Cabinet

  • Bench and work area clutter free

  • No items except a Bunsen burner stored in the cabinet

  • Cabinet is inspected and certified within the past 12 months

8. Written plans procedures and postings

  • Health & Safety folders containing evacuation plans,chemical spill management etc are available

  • MSDS or SDS sheets are available, current and accessible

  • Inventory of chemicals available

  • Hazcards in use and up -to-date

  • Spill procedure displayed

  • Hard copy of manifest provided with all hazardous chemical disposal

  • Emergency information and contact list posted

  • List of first aiders (current certificate) and contact displayed

  • Notices indicating location of first aid kits on display

  • All resources properly labelled

  • Safe work procedures are displayed next to the equipment

  • Biohazard symbols are posted on access doors to biohazard laboratories

  • Lab shutdown procedures in place,checked and signed daily

9. Environment

9.1 Lighting and Ventillation

  • Lighting levels are sufficient

  • All the lights are working

  • General ventillation and heating is sufficient

9.2 Floors

  • The area is free of trip hazards

  • The floor surface is even ( no cracks or holes)

  • Floor is clean


  • All doors and windows in the prep room/labs operate,close and lock properly

  • Lab/Prep Rm doors locked when not in use

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