• Is CSA approved eyewear utilized while on site?

  • Is CSA approved footwear utilized while on site?

  • Are hard hats being utilized at all times, and secured when working at heights?

  • Is hearing protection being used when required?

  • Is a sufficient supply of hearing protection available to workers?

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  • Is 100% tie-off utilized when working at heights, and is a 2 meter distance from leading edges maintained?

  • Can Anchor points selected withstand proper force? (16kN / 5000lbs)

  • Are leading edges adequately guarded with proper signage?

  • Are floor openings properly protected?

  • Is Fall protection being used at heights over 3 meters ?

  • Do harness and lanyards pass inspection?

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  • Do contractors have fire extinguishers on hand where hot works are being carried out?

  • Is proper grounding being utilized?

  • Is proper storage of compressed gas cylinders being utilized?

  • Are fire escapes and walkways adequately signed and identified?

  • Are appropriate and sufficient site fire extinguishers in available?

  • Have fire extinguishers been inspected within last 12 months?

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  • Are hazardous substances being used on site?

  • Are Material Safety Data Sheets and Risk Assessments on site to accompany substances being used?

  • Are workers trained in WHMIS?

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  • Have any accidents or incidents occurred on site since last inspection, and are they documented?

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  • Are first aider contact details available on site notice board?

  • Are a suitable number of stocked first aid kits on site?

  • Are eye wash stations available on site?

  • Do regular safety meetings address First Aid and other Health issues?

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  • Do all workers possess Fall Protection training?

  • Have all workers received Site Orientations?

  • Do all workers possess specialized training if required for their job?

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  • All material properly secured at heights?
    Storage of material not near leading edges?

  • Personal access routes clear and proper barricading erected for hazards present?

  • All debris netting installed and maintained?

  • Ladders and stairwells free of hazards and clear of debris?

  • Is the standard of housekeeping acceptable?

  • Are works areas free from congestion?

  • Are suitable dust control measures in place, (I.e. dampening down during sweeping, dust extractor fitted to cutting equipment)?

  • Are site rules on display?

  • Were any conditions observed that may offer chances for slips, trips or falls?

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  • Are work activities being managed safely?

  • Are permits issued and recorded (hot works, electrical distribution board)?

  • Have manual handling tasks been properly assessed?

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  • Are mobile elevated work platforms utilized in a safe manner?

  • When utilizing mobile elevated work platforms, are PPE, hardhat, safety glasses, safety boots, harness and lanyard used and shortened to shortest length and attached to anchorage point?

  • When utilizing mobile elevated work platforms, do operators ensure that the work area is clear of personnel and equipment prior to any movement, driving, lowering, etc., of the equipment?

  • Are exclusion/control zones clearly designated & marked off prior to using utilizing or moving mobile elevated work platforms?

  • When utilizing mobile elevated work platforms, is minimum approach distance observed?

  • Are cranes and mobile elevated work platforms used on site inspected on a regular basis?

  • Are scaffolds erected by competent persons inspected and properly tagged for safe use?


  • Is there a copy of the Company Health and Safety Policy on display, signed and dated?

  • Are Hot Work Permits completed and retained where necessary?

  • Is there an adequate Fall Protection Plan on site?

  • Is there a Site Specific Health and Safety Plan on site?

  • Is there an up-to-date Emergency Response Plan in place ?

  • Are daily Field Level Hazard Assessments being performed?

  • Are weekly Safety Meetings/ Tool Box Talks being performed?

  • Are insurance certificates for Employee / Public liability on site?

  • Are inspection documentation for cranes and mobile elevated work platforms present on site?

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Report Summary

Report Summary

  • Site Inspector

  • Site Inspectors Comments

  • Site Manager / Representative

  • Site Manager / Representative Comments

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