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  • The trainee must complete the test normally within 2 weeks of starting, without reference to training material and in the presence of a trainer. The trainer may aid the trainee with understanding of the questions or interpretation in the case of non-English speaking trainees. The pass mark is 80% (only trainees who use staple guns are required to answer questions on that subject)

General health and safety

  • When is it ok to perform a task untrained?

  • Who should you report work problems to?

  • Whose responsibility is it to check tools and equipment before they are used each day?

  • When must you report an accident?

  • What work method must you follow at all times for your health and safety?

  • Your duties under health and safety law are?

  • What is the most serious risk from using an airline?

  • What are you not allowed to do with an airline?

  • Who is allowed to drive a forklift or powered pallet truck?

  • When a forklift or powered pallet truck is approaching you should?

  • The safest way of using scissors and knives is to?

  • Scissors and knives must be stored?

  • How can you prevent slip accidents?

  • If you have a skin problem (hands) you should?

  • Where is your safe system of work located?

  • How can you prevent trip accidents?

  • Where should you store protective equipment?

  • If protective equipment becomes dirty you should?

  • Exposure to loud noise can cause?

  • In hearing protection zones, hearing protection must be worn?

Manual Handling

  • You must not handle any significant load unless?

  • Your first consideration when a load has to be moved should be?

  • If you need help handling a load you should ask?

  • How can you reduce the strain on your back when handling?

  • When handling a load below waist height you should bend?

  • What is the maximum stacking height for goods?

  • One way to make team handling safer is?

  • What handling method must you use when back stacking?

  • Generally speaking it is safer to slide rather than lift a load?

  • If you have to move a load a long way you should?

Staple Guns

  • Do you use staple guns, or will be using them for your work?

  • Before loading staples to a gun you must?

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