Your staff today is

The following people DO NOT have non slip shoes and are written up today

The following people DO NOT have permanent markers and will be verbally warned

The following people DO NOT have thermometers on them


All light bulbs are working

All lights are covered with shields

Walk in

Baseboards are in tact and clean

Walls are clean

Floor drains are clean

Are ceilings clean? And dusted?

Are all floors clean, swept, and mopped?

Is all chicken and beef stored under all ready-to-eat items?

Temp all cooled and wrapped fries. What is their temp?

Are all cooked and cooled food items covered properly?

Are all walk in shelves clean?

Kegs are neatly stacked one on top of another

Cooked, cooled carm onions temp at
Cut tomatoes temp is

Walk in door handle is clean

Back door area

Ice maker drain is clean

Walls are clean

Are ceilings clean and dusted?

Baseboards are in tact and clean

Floor drains are clean

Floors are cleaned, swept, and mopped

No personal items are stored on ice machine

Ice scoop is properly stored in holster

Mops are labeled properly. Boh and foh

Water heater is clear of debris and air is free flowing to it. Utility closet is clean

Mop buckets are clean and stored properly

Mop sink is clean

Empty kegs are stacked properly

Back walkway is clear, no boxes on ground

All employee items are stored properly


Freezer temps under 32 degrees

Freezer is organized

Freezer is clean inside and outside. Especially door handles

Chicken is stored on bottom shelf by itself


All sinks are working properly, no drips

All sinks are clean

All soap dispensers are full

All paper towel dispensers are clean, full, and working

Dish area

Dish area is organized

Chemicals are stored away from food

Walls are clean

Baseboards are in tact and clean

Sanitizer dish sink temp is

Floor is swept and mopped

Floor drains are clean

Ceilings are clean and dusted

Prep Area

Ceiling is clean and vents are dusted

Baseboards are clean and in tact

Walls are clean

All sinks are working properly

Cutting boards are clean

Slicer is clean including blade, or its being washed in dish sink

Potato cutter is clean including blades

Cut potatoes are being washed under running water

All thawing foods are under cold running water

The Line

Hoods are clean

Are all prep unit door handles clean?

Wall is clean behind equipment

Are insides of prep

Ceilings are clean and dusted

Are floor drains clean

Temp of all cheeses are under

Temp of hot hold items is

Temp of cut tomatoes is

Temp of cooked eggs under prep unit are

Cutting boards are clean

Area behind prep units is clean

Trash Area

Garbage and recycle bin lids are closed

Recycle bin is not overflowing

Gate is shut and secure

Storage unit is shut and secure

Oil bin lids are shut

Area is organized and no trash is laying out